How to Create a Web Page | Mobirise Tutorial

Aug 28, 2018 · 5 min read

Keeping pace with all innovations appearing in the web world is crucial when it comes to establishing an online presence. All the new things like this offer new possibilities. Those allow us to create almost everything on the internet with a few mouse clicks.

How to set up a website using HTML

It’s super to be able to build pro-looking websites with no prior programming knowledge, but it’d be much better to do it for free or at least at low prices. You will find less free solutions than paid ones and those free tools are not necessarily good enough for you in terms of quality.

Fortunately, there is a middle ground between price and quality — Mobirise Website Builder.

This article helps you find an easier way how to make your own website with no coding skills at all.

Mobirise Website Builder

How to build a website from scratch

Mobirise also provides plenty of front-end designs you can pick for your landing page, store or even personal web blog. Every design or theme contains approximately 100 common and topic-specific website blocks.


How to create a web page

Installing Mobirise

Pick a theme

Moreover, all Mobirise themes are divided into two categories. The first ones are usual Bootstrap 3/4 templates that include a lot of functions, attributes and features to build a complete and professional web page.

How to make a website

Another category is AMP templates. AMP templates stand out because of their Google AMP technology that allows you to set up fast-loading accelerated web pages.


Drag and drop

Some blocks are easy to find in just like any theme. Those are responsive menus, contact forms, maps, features, articles, footers, and others. Other blocks are more specific: you can use them for building a special kind of website. For instance, there are restaurant menus, opening hours, tour searching form, booking forms, and others.

You can get some additional blocks in order to have a social feed, comments, a shopping cart, and more others on your web page to build a unique website.

Design and edit

How to develop a website using HTML code

Particular blocks that have special functionalities can be also altered as you want: sliders have settings like slide duration, transitions and more, galleries have image paddings, captions, and other parameters.

Aside from designing with the help of the block parameters, you can change elements directly in the software and do such actions as writing, typing, replacing images, coloring the text and more.

Some refinements

Website Designing

By the way, there is an extension for coders called Code Editor. This extension is meant to empower you to freely design your page and push the limits. In this department, Mobirise is an excellent tool to learn how to create a web page and work with the HTML/CSS code.

Publish your web page

Final words

Build your awesome website

Mobirise is really a very good thing to start with and to make the first steps towards modern web design. It’s still the right thing for coders and professional web design artists though.


Mobirise Free Website Builder is a Bootstrap-based…