Latest Professional Bootstrap Templates Holding The Top Spot in 2021

Jul 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Last updated: Jan 18, 2021

In case you’ve landed on this page, you are surely interested in finding a new solution or website templates. Not the all-the-same looking themes, but modern, highly attractive and professional Bootstrap templates that are extremely demanded in 2021.

Professional Bootstrap Builder

Glad you are here, because this article is going to provide you a look into brand new Bootstrap web templates you can easily set up and use for your future website. These professional Bootstrap themes are billed as an inexpensive yet effective and simple solution you can enjoy whoever you are: a web design newbie or an experienced web developer.

Let’s take a look at these Bootstrap templates and choose the right one matching your needs and requirements.


It’s a perfect choice for building an unusually looking and contemporary personal page. With it, you can create a resume or profile page to share it with your employer, clients or other people you want to learn more about you and your business.

Resume Bootstrap Theme

This is one of the professional Bootstrap templates you don’t need to code further thanks to the website builder that is built into this HTML Bootstrap template. It lets users seemlessly edit the content and design of this template.


An excellent wedding template for online invitations or wedding planner pages. As one of the Bootstrap design templates, this one let you get the best out of Bootstrap framework and build an elegant responsive wedding page that will wow your friends and family members in a touching and heart-piercing way.

Wedding HTML Template

Moreover, you will get everything needed for this kind of web page: RSVP forms, galleries for newweddies’ photos, invitations blocks and much more.


This template is going to cover everything related to sport and fitness. It helps you build a landing page for your sport club, healthcare and fitness courses and other purposes. But remember: it’s not disallowed to use this template for other websites.

Fitness AMP Template

The Bootstrap website builder that comes along with this one from Bootstrap website themes helps you go beyond the limits and create any kind of websites using this Bootstrap template.


A universal business template that features Bootstrap and Google AMP. Both technologies empower you to create flawless websites when it comes to the mobile user experience. There is a plenty of web sections or blocks that let you build web pages like houses step by step without a need to deal with HTML/CSS code.

Startup Page Template

You can work on block settings to change your website’s appearance and it’s not going to take you that long. This is a feature that makes this theme stand out from other free Bootstrap templates.


To sum it up, these are some of the most popular professional Bootstrap templates expected to be on top in 2018.

Bootstrap Themes in Action

But note: there are much more themes that can engage you as much as these above.



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