The Latest Bootstrap Mobile Templates You Shouldn’t Miss

Trends in the web design field are always changing. We are trying to keep up the pace, but sometimes it’s way too hard to create a modern website because of the lack of our knowledge or time. That’s why we keep searching for new ready-made solutions that allow for building unique and trendy websites as easily and quickly as possible.

Now we introduce the latest Bootstrap Mobile Templates you can use for any possible project you have in mind. These templates let you make fully responsive sites which is really the most important aspect of the modern web development.

Mobirise Website Builder

The responsive Bootstrap templates below are based on Mobirise Free Website Builder. It’s incredibly easy to manage: just pick a theme, add it, drag and drop website blocks from the left panel (it appears by clicking on the red round button in the lower right corner), modify them with parameters, type your own text and swap out images & videos — that’s it.

Free Website Builder Software

Mobirise’s HTML5 website templates offer plenty of website blocks from menus, footers, contact forms and articles up to shops, restaurant menus, maps and pricing tables. This variety of website sections and their designablility make sure your websites aren’t going to look like others on the web.


CommerceM4 is one of the Mobirise responsive Bootstrap templates which includes eCommerce features.

Bootstrap eCommerce Template

It provides you with outstanding looking site blocks and enables you to create an awesome online shop without any coding.



RestaurantM4 might be the right theme for restaurant or other food outlets business owners.

Restaurant HTML Website Template

But even though you don’t fit in this category, you are also able to develop other types of websites with it.



With HotelM4 you can reach the highest level of hospitality when it comes to creating a web page for hotels and resorts.

Hotel Responsive Page Template

In comparison to other responsive Bootstrap templates, this theme delivers versatile blocks with check-in options, contact forms, suits of rooms and more others you will need for building a hotel website.



This is one of the Bootstrap mobile templates that are meant for creation of landing pages and business websites.

Business Landing Page Template

Websites built with AgencyM4 will fascinate your clients with gradient overlays, button animations, video popups and other available blocks and features.



This Bootstrap mobile theme allows you to craft up-to-date inspiring landing pages for travel agencies.

Bootstrap 4 Mobile Template for travel agencies

Use the power of well-designed booking forms, tours cards, articles and blog’s posts for description of destination countries and places, and other easy-to-customize site sections TravelM4 provides you with.



If you’re about to start an online course or just want to promote your offline school, this Bootstrap mobile design will serve you excellently.

One of the educational Bootstrap templates

EducationM4 is so simple to set up and manage that it’s a total pleasure to work with it. Moreover, it enables you to build a Bootstrap mobile website with minimum effort and budget.



BusinessM4 can cover just like any topic and idea for your future website. For example, you can use it as a Bootstrap mobile app template for a promotion web page.

BusinessM4 as one of the Bootstrap website templates

Providing flexible blocks, this Bootstrap mobile template make it possible for users to skip learning Bootstrap for mobile devices and just instantly proceed to developing attractive landing pages for their businesses.


Wrapping it up

These were the latest Bootstrap mobile templates Mobirise offers. Hopefully, you will make use of it and realize what you are really up to with this powerful website builder and its website templates.