Top 8 Easiest Website Builder Apps For Your Project in 2021

Jan 16, 2019 · 6 min read

Last updated: Jan 18, 2021
Every day is a big step forward as to the internet and WWW. We can see new web trends appear, web design innovations get implemented and web technologies like this evolve weekly, daily and minutely. It’s really hard for some people with the best will in the world to keep pace with all these novelties: most of them are busy people who are focused on their businesses so that they hardly have time for this, some other don’t have skills to make things work as they want. If you need a website, but don’t want to hire web designers/developers for you to have full control over development of your own website and save your time, website builders are the very best fit for you.

Easiest Website Builder Software

In order for you to easily pick the right tool, we analyzed some statistics to approximately predict which of best website builder software are going to get into the top 8 easiest website builder apps in 2021.


Mobirise Free Website Builder

Mobirise is driven by Bootstrap — the most popular web development framework that simplifies the web designing process severely.

You don’t need to read a large how-to manual to start building web pages with Mobirise Easy Website Builder: there are only 3 steps. Go to the Mobirise homepage and download the app. First of all, once you run Mobirise, choose a template you like. You’ll be excited by the versatility of them and surely find the best template for your purposes.

Mobirise — The Easiest Website Builder in Action

Mobirise is obtainable for Windows and Mac users. Since recently, Mobirise can be downloaded and used on Andriod devices.



8b Simple Website Builder

First of all, 8b is an AMP website builder. It means it is powered by AMP Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) — a new technology from Google that makes your websites load faster on mobile devices.

8b offers over 20 templates based on various topics related to different business fields. Every template consists of interchangeable website sections stacked on top of each other.

8b Online Website Builder in Action

The greatest advantage of 8b Simple Website Builder is that you can use it on the go — while making a trip, being outdoors, taking a lunch — just everywhere where you have access to the internet or WiFi.



Wix Website Editor

Wix provides you with spectacular HTML templates that are not nearly that hard to edit. All the templates are categorized into groups so you can discover and pick one of them with no problems: there are templates for online stores, music, health, fashion, portfolios, events.

Wix is a quite cheap website builder and it offers both free and premium solutions. Premium plans allow more customization just like your own domain name, form builder, custom favicons and the possibility to remove ads.



Weebly Landing Page Creator

With WYSIWYG interface, you are not forced to switch between views in comparison to other website builders. You just work live with the visual editor, drag and drop sections and customize them always having control over all the website content.

Weebly allows you to choose one of the templates exhibited in the themes gallery. You are free to pick the category and the theme inside it — for portfolios, blogs, business, events, and others.



Squarespace Online Website Builder

Moreover, Squarespace best website builder gives you opportunities to create a blog or eCommerce website easily. As a no-coding website builder, it makes it possible for you to visualize every single step and work on your website as is without dealing with programming and other web development intricacies.

Compared to other website builder giants like Wix, Squarespace doesn’t offer that many templates, but the quality of them is more than excellent.



Carrd Website Maker

The moment you click on the Start button, you will get to see vast array of beautiful templates matching various site categories such as Profile, Lending, Portfolio etc. The interface and visual editing features prove the fact that website building with Carrd is an extremely easy and straightforward process.



Webflow site builder

The cool thing about Webflow is that it comes along with how-to guides in case you need some help in learning the tool.



Shopify e-commerce website builder

Manage your products in an easy manner: add product descriptions, sizes and colors, create your own options, add product categories. To be able to create your own designs, you will need to get familiar with Shopify templates and its open source framework which is quite easy to understand.


Let’s wrap it up


Mobirise Free Website Builder is a Bootstrap-based…