Making Decentralized Commerce a Reality with the MOBI Stellar Network Token and DApp Store

David Gobaud
Aug 7, 2017 · 2 min read
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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working tirelessly to develop and perfect Mobius’ game-changing cross-blockchain universal protocol APIs and DApp Store. We’ve also been establishing key partnerships to help us expand and establish ourselves as the go-to technology for cross-blockchain payments, login, and governance. We have two very exciting announcements to make.

1. We are excited to announce that Jed McCaleb will be joining our advisory board. Jed is one of the world’s top blockchain experts and entrepreneurs to pioneer distributed ledger technologies, having co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation and Ripple. Jed will advise us on key technological implementation and strategy as we continue to add to Mobius’ technical repertoire. Our team has been working tirelessly to rapidly iterate game-changing technology to introduce new standards, which will make cross-blockchain token payments, login, and governance very easy for the nearly 17M+ software developers around the world allowing them to easily transact with the blockchain ecosystem and smart contracts.

2. We are proud to announce that the Mobius token MOBI will be the first major token on the Stellar Network.

After extensive technical research and consideration, we have decided to use the Stellar Protocol for MOBI. Transaction scalability and cost were significant factors in our decision. Ethereum currently runs at only ~7 token transactions per second and has gas costs rivaling (or exceeding) credit card fees! Stellar on the other hand supports over 1,000 transactions per second and has negligible transaction fees. Therefore, since we are creating a token that is used for high volume commerce in the Mobius DApp Store we realized Ethereum was not a viable option and had to go with the faster and cheaper Stellar Protocol.

1. Stellar has a proven, stable technology that has been developed and refined for over three years. Its technology is relied upon by financial institutions for critical transactions.

2. Stellar’s complex yet non-Turing complete contracting capabilities guarantees security for our tokens and smart contracts.

3. Stellar has negligible transaction fees and no gas fees. Compared to Ethereum’s gas costs (which again rival or exceed credit card fees), Stellar’s transaction fees are zero and will save us over 99% on transaction costs.

4. Stellar supports over 1,000 transactions per second compared to Ethereum’s 7 token transaction per second. Stellar’s speed is key to making decentralized commerce a reality and scaling the Mobius DApp Store to billions of people and trillions of dollars in transactions per year.

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