Merging Accounts to Combine XLM

As a result of overwhelming demand some buyers purchases did not complete and you might now have your XLM payment in a new wallet. If you want to recombine your Stellar wallets to combine your XLM you can using Stellar’s Account Merge functionality.

One wallet that supports merging is

NOTE: as with any app or website where you enter your secret key, there is a risk it will steal your wallet and funds so be careful!

If you want to merge accounts you can try

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your secret key then click the “ENTER” button.
  3. Click the menu button top left to open the menu then click “Manage trustlines”
  4. If you see MOBI click Delete

5. Go back to the menu click “Manage data”

6. If you see MOBI_TOKEN scroll right in the row and click Delete.

7. Go back to the menu click “Merge accounts”

8. For “Destination account” enter the account you want this account merged with (it will receive all the XLM in this account) — probably your original account you send XLM from.

9. Click “MERGE ACCOUNTS” — if you get a tx_insufficient_balance please send 1 XLM to the account then try again. You need to have minimum 1 XLM + enough for the fee.

10. All your XLM have been returned!