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MOBI BOUNTY — How to upgrade MOBI to Ethereum or other blockchain?

We want to upgrade MOBI ASAP to a platform with smart contracts so we can actually create decentralized smart markets which isn’t currently practical on Stellar. We are looking for a plan for how to do this upgrade to eg Ethereum. We probably don’t want to wait for Stellar to launch smart contracts since we don’t know exactly how they will work or when they will be released.

Details are below and in this GitHub Issue where you should submit proposals.

Current idea is to set a Stellar snapshot date and say before that all MOBI holders have to set their new blockchain (eg Ethereum) address in a Stellar data field. We would snapshot the Stellar chain then in the eg ERC-20 contract hard-code the initial allocations to the addresses that were specified. A concern here is gas cost (we’re going to try simulating the gas cost soon).

Any MOBI that are not claimed on the new chain could either be 1) burned, 2) reallocated to community fund, or 3) pro-rata distributed to people who do claim.

We ideally want to create the new token a single time and not have to do any future distributions.

We are looking for better / alternate proposals with code if applicable for doing it.

To win we must choose your proposal and you help us execute the upgrade.

To get paid you may have to submit KYC identification info (selfie, photo ID, birthdate, address, etc). Choosing a winner is solely up to us.

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