Mobius Investment Opportunity

Thank you for all the Proof of Love and support. The response to our successful pre-sale selling out ($30M+) has been overwhelming!

We are thrilled by the vibrant Mobius developer and user community, which has grown rapidly along with over 32,000 participants registered for the sale. We’re excited to launch our Decentralized Data Marketplace and Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol (PSOP) later this year!

We have also been flooded with requests from people to buy Mobius (MOBI) and are unfortunately having to turn away well over $10M+ because MOBI are so limited.

As a result, we have worked with our team to find a way for people who were unable to buy MOBI in the pre-sale to still get involved with Mobius.

Due to overwhelming demand we have decided to allow more people to invest in Mobius via a SAFE as Camp One Ventures did. Camp One was an early investor in Ripple (#2 coin by market capitalization @ $130 billion) and they are very happy with their equity position because it gives them a share of profits in addition to exposure to the billions of dollars in Ripple coins that Ripple the company holds. Camp One preferred equity over tokens for this reason. If you are a US entity/person you must be an accredited investor — this requirement is not present for foreign investors. Please submit if interested and if you are in the US get accredited at ASAP. The minimum is USD $500,000.00 — yes you can pay with cryptos. SAFEs must close before the public sale later this month so if interested please submit form ASAP.

Below is a quote from Robert Claassen, Principal at Camp One Ventures, on why they chose to invest in Mobius via a SAFE:

“We are very excited to be funding partners with Mobius. We view the SAFE instrument as a means of obtaining an early equity stake in the business in a simple flexible form. As venture investors we of course like to benefit from the appreciation of any coins or tokens held by the company, but more importantly, we look to partner with the company to take advantage of business opportunities that arise as a result of sponsoring innovative blockchain protocols. We believe our investment in Mobius could prove to be very similar to our seed investment in Ripple. With the proceeds raised from early equity investors like Camp One Ventures, Ripple not only built critical mass around its coin, XRP, but it was able to build software tools for banks, financial institutions, and other enterprises to take advantage of their payment platform. Similarly, Mobius has an opportunity to bring its innovative patent pending Decentralized Data Marketplace and Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol to supply chain and Internet of Things (IoT) industries to securely connect real world data to the blockchain economy and support widespread adoption of the MOBI token.”

Question — why should I invest now via the SAFE?

Your SAFE investment will convert into shares or is cashed out upon a financing or sale of Mobius. If the SAFE converts into shares, you get liquidity upon a subsequent IPO or sale of Mobius or potentially through a secondary market for private companies.

The reason to invest now is: (i) you get to invest in Mobius at this stage when you may not get to otherwise and (ii) your investment may convert into stock of Mobius at a lower valuation than would otherwise be available at a future date (i.e., if we do a preferred stock financing prior to an IPO, for example, you get to convert at the preferred stock financing valuation, not the presumably higher IPO valuation).

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