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Mobius Public Sale Info

First if you aren’t in our Telegram please join so you get important real-time updates!

Note: Buying MOBI is NOT an investment — MOBI tokens are only for the DApp Store.

You can buy in the public sale here

The Mobius Public Token Sale is scheduled to start on January 18, 2018 @ 9:00am PST.

You will be able to buy on our website — it will guide you through the purchase process when the sale is open.

NOTE: If you are on the whitelist you have passed KYC — congrats you are ready to buy!

The only things you need to do to prepare are:

  1. Join our whitelist so you can submit your identification info early and not be delayed during the sale.
  2. Have Stellar Lumens (XLM) ready to use for payment in a wallet where you control the private key so your payment is sent immediately and not delayed by a third-party such as an exchange. We recommend

NOTE: Residents of the US States Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Vermont and Washington will NOT be allowed to purchase due to state laws.

Below is additional important information about the sale:

  • You can buy 10 minutes early if you are approved via our Proof of Love Protocol.
  • We will only accept Stellar Lumens (XLM) as payment — you can buy XLM on exchanges such as
  • The XLM to MOBI purchase ratio will be finalized the day of the sale due to current XLM volatility — it will probably be in the range of 1 XLM = 2 to 4 MOBI.
  • The tentative max number of MOBI per buyer in the public sale is 25,000.
  • The tentative minimum number of MOBI per buyer in the public sale is 25.
  • The ONLY place to buy MOBI during the public sale is on our website — NOTE we are being targeted by fraudsters with typo domains! Please double check that you are on the real website!
  • You should make payment via a wallet in which you control the private keys such as Exchanges tend to have massive delays in transfers meaning your payment will likely be delayed if you use an exchange to pay and the MOBI may sell out before your payment completes.
  • MOBI will be released soon after the public sale.
  • Once you have your MOBI we recommend immediately transferring to a Ledger Nano S — read our Using MOBI with a Ledger Nano S Guide here!

Click here to read Coin Desk — $35 Million: Smart Contracts Platform Mobius Completes ICO Presale

Thanks for your support!

With Love,

The Mobius Team


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