Mobius Token Sale Economics

David Gobaud
Oct 18, 2017 · Unlisted

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An overview of the Mobius Token Sale Structure follows along with info about the Pre-Sale, which is now open. Currently we have over 14,000+ people registered to participate! The demand caused CoinList to be overloaded, so we have now moved our token sale to IdentityMind Global. As a token of our appreciation, continue reading below on how you can get involved in our pre-sale for less than the $20,000 minimum through our Proof of Love Protocol.


  1. Hard Cap: $39 million (including the pre-sale)
  2. Payment Methods: XLM
  3. Crypto Prices: Updated hourly by averaging a variety of price sources
  4. Total Number of MOBI: 888,000,000
  5. Percent of MOBI for Sale: 30% or 266,400,000

MOBI Pricing

The public sale price is 1 XLM = 2 MOBI.


  1. Sold out!
  2. Proof of Love Protocol: Due to the overwhelming demand that we have received (14,000+ pre-sale sign-ups) we would like to reward our community members with an opportunity to participate in the pre-sale at any purchase level! Read more here.

Public Sale Whitelist

Register for the Whitelist here


Before emailing us please read the FAQ


Please join Mobius online!








Before emailing us please read the FAQ

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