Mobius — We Did It!

Dear Mobius Community,

Our public MOBI token sale has officially closed! We sold out of our total allotment of 8,888,888 tokens in just over two hours! Being the first major token sale to take place on Stellar, we encountered a few problems, primarily due to immense international demand overloading our Stellar Horizon server when thousands attempted to simultaneously purchase. This led to many people encountering an error in the purchase process, even though the transfer of XLM to their new wallet succeeded.

As using XLM during a major token sale (which so far has been the largest token sale of any kind in 2018) was a first for many people, there was a lot of uncharted territory that we crossed together. This will only get smoother in the future as more companies build on top of Stellar (over Ethereum). We apologize for any confusion and frustration you encountered — and have taken it to heart.

To verify if your purchase completed you can browse to and if you see the MOBI asset with a positive balance on the right then your purchase succeeded! Otherwise it unfortunately did not.

No XLM however were lost during any purchases. The XLM were sent to an address to which only you have the secret key. You can go to a wallet such as, enter the secret key, and access your XLM. If you want to merge the XLM back to the sending account please see

Technically the error you encountered prevented our system from creating your MOBI buy order on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDX) so your XLM were not used to purchase MOBI. As soon as MOBI are released however, you can go to the SDX yourself and buy MOBI (guide on the way)!

We are now working hard on distributing pre-sale and bounty MOBI and then will release (technically remove the Authorization Required and Authorization Revocable Stellar flags) the MOBI! We hope to complete this today.

We also want to reiterate that we are a team of computer scientists that have continued to write and release code throughout our token sale. Our MOBI token will provide immense utility for the blockchain ecosystem and we’re eager to ramp up our efforts with your tremendous support.

Continue to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, QQ, Reddit, and others, because we have a few more big announcements to make in the coming weeks. You’re going to be glad you did!
 Once again, on behalf of the entire team at Mobius, I thank you for being early supporters of our vision of bringing the existing Internet economy into the blockchain ecosystem.

Thank you for your support.


David Gobaud

Co-Founder and CEO, Mobius

Note: The DApp Store has also now transitioned to live MOBI! This means all free credits that were distributed in the pre-sale have been cleared from the system. Developers will soon be getting their earned MOBI!


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