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3 Reasons Why Any (Even a Virtual) Pet Is Good for Your Child

Having a pet is almost always a good decision, especially if you have a child. Pets can help you children in many ways. Even if you are unable to keep a real pet, a virtual pet can teach your children some of the basic life lessons.

However, choosing a pet can be quite a difficult task for any family. If your kids saw a cute kitty or a dog in a TV commercial, it can be hard to explain to them that a real pet requires a lot of attention and it is there to stay for a while; it is not something to be taken lightly. There are so many questions that you as a guardian need to ask yourself before you can provide your child with a pet. You need to share your reasoning with your child and explain why you think a pet is not a good option if you lack the space or time to take proper care of it.

In the age of apps and fast internet, it is easy to find something that can mimic (but never fully replace) a pet, which is why virtual pets are the best option in many cases. They are there not only for fun and short-term enjoyment. They exist to teach both kids and adults many valuable lessons.

1. Your Kids Will Get to Know Themselves Better

Having a virtual pet can be a real responsibility (if you present it that way). Sure, pets can be reset and they may never truly die but if you make it a real responsibility, this will present a nice challenge for your child. Not only will your kids have to take care of it, feed it, and play with it but they will have to do that regularly.

This will give your child a good opportunity to see whether he or she is capable of taking care of a pet in an environment where the consequences of failure are minimal. A virtual pet cannot suffer and cannot be truly neglected, but it is a nice test to see whether your child is really interested in a pet.

2. Virtual Pets Provide Entertainment and Companionship

Virtual pets are fun! They provide so much entertainment and there are so many ways that you can play with them. Most virtual pets come in a small-sized app, so they can be used on almost any phone. More importantly, you do not need to have the internet connection for the app to work — meaning that your kid can play with his/her virtual pet anywhere, even when you are on vacation.

Over time, your child will grow to like his or her new virtual friend and it will become a source of comfort and relaxation for the child. Remember, kids have different relationships with inanimate things than adults, so your kid can even grow to see the pet as a real animal!

3. Creating a Routine

Dogs can be overly energetic

Once your kids get their hands on the virtual pet, they will have to learn how to care for it, love it, and play with it. This can be lots of fun when growing up. Furthermore, you as a parent can keep an eye on your child’s behavior. He or she will have to visit the pet constantly and developing a routine can be a great lesson at a young age.

And who knows, if your kids show that they can keep their virtual pet alive and well, then it might be a good idea to think about getting a real pet, with fur and all.



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