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Color Therapy with Coloring Games — Turn That Frown Upside Down

Coloring can be a great activity for kids, as well as adults who need to babysit them, plus it is a great hobby if you need something to take the edge off and help you relax. In fact, coloring books have been initially created for children, but they gradually evolved into an international trend, known as adult coloring books. Now, coloring pages are something that both kids and adults can enjoy, and they are so much more than a simple pass time activity. Coloring books for kids can have numerous benefits, and the following article will explore what those benefits are.

Coloring pages can calm you down


When you are focused on a particular coloring page, your worries can temporarily fade away. When you color, you feel more mental clarity, happiness, calm and you generally feel more relaxed. So, regardless of your age, coloring games are something you should definitely pick up, both for yourself and for your kids. Additionally, it was believed that being exposed to certain colors can affect our mood. Here are some examples:

  • Yellow was used to stimulate nerves and mechanisms that purify the body
  • Red was used to stimulate both mind and body, and to improve circulation
  • Orange was a remedy for low energy and damaged lungs
  • Blue was used as a pain reliever
  • Indigo shades were believed to be useful for curing skin problems

Truth be told, no one will use colors nowadays to cure these problems, but maybe there is a connection or some sort of subconscious, placebo effect connected to them. In other words, give coloring books a chance. After all, it works for a lot of people.

Coloring can help you sleep


Sleep is always a great remedy for stress. We are better at decision making when we are fully rested, we feel better, and we feel stronger. Moreover, if we are able to put our children to sleep, it means that they will pay attention at school, and we’ll be able to get some shut eye as well. Coloring pages for kids can help with that. If you or your child can’t fall asleep due to some increased tension, then try coloring book games. It’s a peaceful and relaxing activity. If you color at night, your body will naturally fall asleep.

For kids, you can pick up a coloring book, like Easter coloring pages, or Dinosaur coloring pages.

Coloring games on tablets and mobiles

Nowadays, you don’t even have to buy a coloring book and crayons, as you can find free coloring games on Google Play and the app store. These are a lot less messy, the kids won’t leave them lying around the room and you can have several of them on your phone, ready to go. Furthermore, whenever you make a mistake, you can easily correct it, or color the same picture multiple times, etc. You can also enhance or zoom in, giving you a lot more precision and control. These are far more convenient than the regular coloring pages, so make sure you give them a look; your kids will love you for it.

As you can see, coloring games for kids can be beneficial on multiple levels. There are so many different coloring pages to choose from that you’ll definitely find the one that resonates with your child. If you or your kids are feeling tense or stressed out, this is an instant solution for your problem, so just embrace it.



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