BuildLeft: Empowering Change Makers

BuildLeft is a group dedicated to Empowering Change Makers. We are providing pro-bono work helping non-profit advocates in specific communities: Immigration, LGBT, Civil Rights, Reproductive Rights, Climate Change, etc. We want to build applications and support structures that help these groups assist their consitituancy.

Projects We Want to Do

  • Supporting Non-Profit Advocates and Building Projects to Make their Life easier.
  • Building Applications to Help and Promote Issues that Affect People
  • Gathering Volunteers for Non-Profit Advocates

People We Need:

  • Marketing: People who can reach out to difference groups. This role involves creating content, reaching different groups, and pushing and helping design products.
  • Engineering: Create and iterate on projects. iOS, Android and web developers are appreciated.
  • Project Managers: Who can lead features for different groups from start to end.
  • Designers: To make product designs and advertising for both print and online.
  • Support: Help generate and support people with questions and help with solutions.

To reach us please join us on Slack.