Defending the Left

We need to defend the Left in this country as everyone is going to be affected by the Donald’s presidency. We cannot lose our values and the progress we’ve made in this country and allow it to become authoritarian. The fabric of society has already been affected, and we cannot let it regress.

We need to defend our rights and make sure that the civil liberties of the Left in Middle America are defended. We need to protect the LGBT, African American, Mexican, Muslim, immigrant and other communities who might be in situations where they are financially or politically incapable of getting assistance. We need to make sure that the Left can mobilize to help them and get them out of harm’s way.

We need to push for stronger climate bills at the state level. As Trump has noted, he will be rolling back climate protections which has come at the worst time for our planet. We need to call for a strong state by state push for climate protection.

Liberal states need to work together to make sure that they remain progressive and defiant. We need to make sure our progressive values remain and are continuing to advance.

We need to fight battles by segmenting Middle America and pushing issues one at a time, place by place. Yes, we need to attack people’s minds, and yes we have to be aggressive. We need to localize messages and create a rubric under which every message is sent. We must attack with propaganda.

While technology is partially to blame for the current situation, we are in technology can also be used to help. We need to try 100 ideas and figure out which ideas stick. We need to connect different organizations ACLU, EFF, Planned Parenthood, NAACP, and others who might be in difficult situations.

We need to create jobs in Middle America and bridge some of the ideology. We need to provide Middle America opportunities for the 21st century. We need to give work so we can win back the constituency that we lost.

We need to figure out how to do this and be ready by Inauguration Day to bring the fight to them. It is time for the Left to get angry. It is time for the left to stand up, be courageous and fight.