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11 min readMar 29, 2024

This article was updated on Apr 11 to reflect new Code Activation Deadline: April 18 8AM UTC, 2024

The $MOCA Community Public Sale is here.

With Community being always top-of-mind, the $MOCA Community Public Sale provides priority and exclusive access to those who firmly believe in our vision of building the largest interoperable cultural economy in the Web3 space.

As a token of our appreciation, the community public sale allocation is exclusive to Mocaverse NFT holders, Moca ID users, and strategic partner communities, with the most advantageous vesting schedule out of all $MOCA token allocations.

We’re excited and honored to share the success of our ecosystem with our community, and we can’t wait to take you onto the next adventure.

Introducing the Crafting Machine

Crafting Period: 28 March — 11 April 8AM UTC

Crafting Machine is a core component of Mocaverse’s meta layer with cross-platform gamification. Crafting will be a long standing mechanism, and more variations of crafting will be introduced in the near future. Imagine collecting resources by participating in multiple games, and crafting into something juicy!

While Realm Points being a season-based “marathon” leading to ongoing rewards, Shard Rush is the fortnight-based “sprint” subject to expiry, leading to immediate rewards.

Shard is only one of the resources in the future ecosystem, which can be crafted into various kinds of items. In this chapter, you can craft Shards into Community Public Sale guaranteed and waitlist codes.

About $MOCA Public Sale:

Before running off for Public Sale Code crafting in Shard Rush, it’s imperative that all participants understand the details of the $MOCA public sale:

  • Total Supply of $MOCA: 8,888,888,888
  • Token Allocation for Community Public Sale: 126,984,127 $MOCA
  • Lot Size: 2,539 $MOCA for US$100
  • Token Vesting Terms: 5% unlock at TGE, 3 month cliff, followed by 12 months of linear weekly vesting (best out of all)
  • Funding Methods: USDT/USDC
  • Prerequisite: Gated by Moca ID
  • Eligibility: Everyone with Moca ID can participate with priority in this order — Moca NFT > Guaranteed Codes > Waitlist Codes > The rest of Moca ID

You will need a Moca ID to participate in the public sale. For Moca NFT holders, do make sure you have linked your NFTs to your Moca ID to access your allocations in the sale.

The Public Sale will be conducted on a licensed platform with battle-tested KYC infrastructure. To comply with regional regulations, it’s mandatory that all users who participate in the public sale to be KYC’d. Residents of the US, Canada, China, and certain jurisdictions will be excluded from the Public Sale (full list available at FAQ). Mocaverse will NOT be able to access any of the KYC information except the status.

Alpha: Participating in the $MOCA public sale may get you a multiplier in the near future reward distribution event.

Stay tuned for more details.

How to participate:

Now that the (mo)cat is out of the bag, let’s dive into what exactly are Public Sale Codes and how you can participate:

Public Sale Codes and Lots

  • There are 2 types of codes: 1) Guaranteed Codes 2) Waitlist Codes
  • Guaranteed Codes give users guaranteed allocation during the Public Sale, while Waitlist Codes enter you into a randomization process for allocation after Guaranteed Codes are fulfilled during the Public Sale
  • Number of codes are limited and will be released for crafting periodically
  • You MUST activate Guaranteed Codes and Waitlist Codes into Guaranteed Lots and Waitlist Lots by April 18 8AM UTC, 2024

*More Code quotas will be added periodically to the Crafting Machine, so if it currently shows that it’s empty, check back later!

Moca NFT Guaranteed Lots

  • Lots that are directly airdropped to Moca NFT Holders, they share the same function as Public Guaranteed Lots but are not shareable
  • NFT Guaranteed Lots are tied to your NFT, and the allocation you receive is determined from: 1) Number of Moca NFTs held 2) XP of Moca NFTs held 3) 1/1 Traits
  • No Lots Needed or Commit Funds beyond Lot Allocation: Even though Guaranteed and Waitlist Lots give you a priority chance of winning an allocation, they are not the prerequisite to participate in the public sale. Anyone with a Moca ID can participate and prioritize after the users with Lots. Your funds commitment can be even higher than the Lot allocation to win a chance to secure more allocation. Top Moca IDs with the most funds committed might be rewarded with bonus rewards!

Ways to Acquire Public Sale Codes

If you’re a Moca NFT Holder:

Moca NFT Guaranteed Lots

  • Each Moca NFT gives you at least 3 Guaranteed Lots
  • If you have multiple Moca NFTs, allocations will be stacked up
  • Bonus guaranteed allocations if your Moca NFTs have reached certain XP and 1/1 rarity thresholds
  • Connect your Moca-holding wallet by April 3, 2024 to receive 3 bonus Waitlist codes (subject to changes) for each NFT so you can share with your friends.
  • Moca NFT has no max cap on NFT Guaranteed Lot

If you’re a Moca ID Holder:

Shard Rush

  • Shard Rush Mining Period 3 will be the final round where you can generate shards to craft Public Sale Codes
  • After the Community Sale crafting, all Shards will be burnt. Subsequent Shard Rush events will be introduced.

Crafting Public Sale Codes

  • You can use your Shards generated in Mining Period 1–3 to craft codes (extra benefits on top of the 2 previous mining period rewards)
  • Each Moca ID can craft up to 30 codes (Guaranteed + Waitlist). Once the 30 cap is met, they won’t be able to carry out any crafting attempts.
  • The more Shards you burn per craft attempt, the more you increase your probability of crafting a Public Sale Code, so choose wisely
  • For ease of experience, you are able to batch multiple attempts in 1 go. Every 5 consecutive unsuccessful attempts will unlock 50 RP credited to your Moca ID
  • Stay tuned to announcements for Code giveaways and refills if the Crafting Machine is empty!

Max Cap of Lots per Moca ID

  • Each Moca ID can hold a maximum of 10 Lots (Max 3 Public Guaranteed Lots) — i.e. the best combination you can get is 3 Public Guaranteed Lots + 7 Waitlist Lots
  • Participate in one of our key partner communities to win more Codes

Are you still a Realm Ticket Holder?

Connect your Realm Ticket wallet as a Giveaway Wallet in Manage My Account by April 8 8AM UTC to receive Code airdrops!

  • 30+ RTM: 3 Guaranteed Codes + 8 Waitlist Codes
  • 20+ RTM: 2 Guaranteed Codes + 5 Waitlist Codes
  • 10+ RTM: 1 Guaranteed Codes + 3 Waitlist Codes
  • 1+ RTM: 0 Guaranteed Codes + 3 Waitlist Codes

For more Public Sale Code giveaways, look out for announcements by Mocaverse, Moca Foundation & projects within the Moca Partner Network. More code airdrops will be announced before the end of the activation period.

Limited Allocation for “Whales”: Got capital but no time to mine shards? Join our Whale Allocation (10% of the total Public Sale allocation — US$500,000)!

  • Commit a minimum of US$100,000 to qualify in the Whale Round during Public Sale to secure guaranteed allocation.
  • For those who already have NFT Guaranteed Lots or Public Guaranteed Lots, in order to qualify for Whale Round, you will need to commit US$100,000 on top of the Guaranteed Lots


  • Total Guaranteed Lots = US$ 5,000
  • Total Committed Funds = US$ 104,999 (US$ 105,001)
  • Qualification for Whale Round = No (Yes)

Public sale allocation of US$500,000 for Whales will be distributed on a pro-rata basis based on the number of Whales. For example, if 100 Whales committed at least US$100,000, each Whale will receive US$ 5,000 (i.e. 1% of US$ 500,000) worth of guaranteed allocation

However, you can always commit more than US$ 100,000, and the Moca ID with the highest funds commitment in the Whales leaderboard might receive a bonus reward!

For step-by-step Shard crafting & activation instructions, visit The Crafting Machine: Code Crafting & Activation Guide.

Please read our FAQ if you have any questions, and reach out to our Discord server if you face any issues.


What is the $MOCA Token Public Sale?

The $MOCA Token Public Sale is Moca Foundation’s official invitation to Mocaverse NFT holders and Moca ID users to participate actively as stakeholders in our network. This significant event marks the next step in our collaborative journey as we co-build and shape the future of the $MOCA ecosystem together.

The objective of the public sale is to be inclusive and reward our loyal users and bring the community along.

How will $MOCA Tokens be allocated during the Sale?

The total funds to be raised during the $MOCA public sale will be up to $5,000,000. Participants in the sale will be allocated $MOCA tokens based on the fulfilled guaranteed lots, winning and fulfilled waitlist Lots, or any commitment without Lots. You can participate in the sale even if you don’t have Lots!

You can receive token allocation from both Whales and NFT Holders & Public categories if you hold Lots and qualify as a Whale. See below:

Category — Whales
Sale Allocation ($) — Up to $500,000
Minimum Purchase ($) — $100,000
Allocation Criteria: Participants who commit more than $100,000 (over and above the guaranteed allocation from NFT Guaranteed Lots or Public Guaranteed Lots) will qualify as Whales and automatically receive token allocation from Whales category on a pro-rata basis subject to number of whales participating

Category — Moca NFT Holders & Public
Sale Allocation ($) — Up to $4,500,000
Minimum Purchase ($) — $100
Allocation Criteria: Participants who commit with NFT Guaranteed Lots or Public Guaranteed Lots will receive guaranteed token allocation.
- In the case of remaining allocation from Guaranteed Lots, participants who commit funds with Waitlist Lots will be randomized for token allocation till $4,500,000 has been allocated in total.
- In the case of the remaining allocations from Waitlist Lots, the purchases without lots will qualify for token allocation based on randomization till $4,500,000 has been allocated in total.

Can I receive token allocation from both Whale and NFT Holder & Public categories?

Yes, you can receive allocation from both Whales category and NFT Holders / Public categories if you hold Guaranteed Lots and also qualify as a Whale. In order to qualify as a Whale, you will need to commit at least US$100,000 on top of any Guaranteed Lots you own.

You can only commit all your intended funds ONCE during the sale, so think twice and strategize before you commit!

How Many $MOCA Tokens per Lot?

Each successfully filled Lot will grant participants 2,539 $MOCA for US$100.

How much does each Lot cost?

Each Lot will cost $100 USD, with more details to be announced before the Public Sale.

What is the Activation Period?

The Activation Period (from the 28th of March to the 11th of April at 08:00 UTC) is when Mocaverse NFT holders and Moca ID users can secure Lots for the upcoming Public Sale by connecting NFT holding wallets and activating Codes.

When is the Public Sale Happening?

Further details on the Public Sale are to be announced soon.

What is the difference between NFT Guaranteed Lots, Public Guaranteed Lots, and Waitlist Lots?

By securing Lots, you may qualify for $MOCA token sale allocation. There are 3 types of Lots you can secure:

  • NFT Guaranteed Lots: These Lots are exclusively available to Mocaverse NFT holders without a maximum limit per Moca ID. These Lots are secured allocation.
  • Public Guaranteed Lots: These Lots can be secured by all Moca ID users. Each Moca ID can secure up to a maximum of 3 Public Guaranteed Lots. These Lots are secured allocation.
  • Waitlist Lots: These Lots can be secured by all Moca ID users. Each Moca ID can secure up to a maximum of 10 Waitlist Lots. These Lots can be used for randomization to finalize allocation.

How do I acquire more Public Guaranteed Codes and Waitlist Codes?

Moca ID users can earn Public Guaranteed and Waitlist Codes through code crafting by consuming Shards, participating in Mocaverse campaigns and activations, and participating in partner campaigns before the end of the Activation Period.

Mocaverse NFT holders who link NFT wallets before the 3rd of April at 08:00 UTC will also receive bonus Waitlist Codes to share with friends.

How do I obtain my Public Guaranteed and Waitlist Codes as a winner of a partner campaign?

To receive your winning codes, link your winning wallet address to your Moca ID as the Giveaway Wallet in Account Management before April 8th, 08:00 UTC. Your codes will be distributed on April 9th. Activate your code and secure Lots before the activation period ends to participate in the Public Sale (11th of April at 08:00 UTC).

New users can use their winning wallet address as an invite code after April 5th to create a Moca ID. Alternatively, obtain an invite code from a friend or the Mocaverse Discord #invite-code channel.

How do I link my Moca NFT wallet to my Moca ID?

You can link your Moca NFT to your Moca ID via “Manage My Account” in User Dashboard.

How are my NFT Guaranteed Lots calculated?

NFT Guaranteed Lots are calculated based on:

  1. All Moca NFT — 3 base NFT Guaranteed Lots (regardless of XP and traits)
  2. 1 of 1 Moca NFTs — 50 Bonus NFT Guaranteed Lots
  3. Top 100 Mocas based on S2 XP — 20 Bonus NFT Guaranteed Lots
  4. Mocas with 420+ XP — 10 Bonus NFT Guaranteed Lots
  5. Mocas with 320+ XP — 5 Bonus NFT Guaranteed Lots

1 of 1 Mocas Bonus Guaranteed Lots can be stacked on top of other NFT Guaranteed Lot bonuses.

Can I buy more Mocaverse NFTs to secure more NFT Guaranteed Lots?

Yes, you can purchase Mocaverse NFTs and connect your wallets with them before the end of the Activation Period (11th of April at 08:00 UTC). At the end of the public sale, a snapshot will be taken simultaneously to determine your final number of NFT Guaranteed Lots.

Can I sell or transfer my Mocaverse NFTs after activating my NFT Guaranteed Lots?

No. A snapshot will be taken simultaneously at the end of the Crafting period (11th of April at 08:00 UTC) to determine your final number of NFT Guaranteed Lots. Any transfers or changes to delegation made before the snapshot will impact your NFT allocation for the Public Sale.

Do I have to hold all my Moca NFT in the same wallet to be eligible for NFT Guaranteed Lots?

You can link up to 3 wallets. If your Mocas reside in over 3 wallets, please use to consolidate your Moca Lots.

Can I delegate my Mocaverse NFTs from my vault to a Hot Wallet?
Yes, the Mocaverse activation page supports delegation through V1 registry. You can delegate multiple vault wallets to 1 hot wallet, which links to your Moca ID. If both the vault wallet and hot wallet hold Mocaverse NFTs, all Mocaverse NFTs will be aggregated to determine a Moca ID’s NFT guaranteed lots.

Ensure that your vault wallet has only one delegation to your hot wallet, as a vault wallet with delegation to multiple hot wallets will not be recognized. We suggest revoking other delegations if there are currently multiple delegations from your hot wallet to different hot wallets. Note that any form of delegation linking, NFT, Contract, or Wallet will all be considered as the same form of delegation.

Is KYC mandatory to participate in the public sale?

Yes, although users are not required to complete KYC during the Activation Period, it will be mandatory for any users who wish to participate in the Public Sale. As the industry matures, a compliant infrastructure is needed to protect our users and projects. Further details on KYC will be announced later.

Can I participate in the Public Sale from any country?

The public sale will not be accessible to users from the following jurisdictions:

Afghanistan, Canada, Central African Republic, Colombia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Korea, Iran, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, People’s Republic of China, Regions of Ukraine (Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk & any other non-government-controlled regions), Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America, Venezuela.

This list may be updated from time to time to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.



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