Introducing Moca XP, the ultimate points system within Mocaverse.

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What is Moca XP?

Moca XP is the fuel of Mocaverse that gets you priority access to our pool of rewards.

You can accumulate Moca XP through interacting with Mocaverse by participating in 1) staking, 2) activations, and 3) community.

Moca XP will be accrued to each Moca NFT (i.e. Token ID), while your NFT will remain tradable. Your Moca XP goes where your Moca goes. If you sell/transfer your Moca to another wallet, all the attributed Moca XP will be transferred along with the NFT. The new owner of the NFT can then enjoy the benefits of the Moca XP.

For instance, Creedo staked for 7 days and accumulated 8 Moca XP for Moca #1234, and sold to Tyler 1 day after the staking period. Tyler will not get staking XP for the next 7 days but will receive Moca #1234 with 8 Moca XP as of purchase. Tyler can then start earning Moca XP again after if he does not sell, transfer, or list Moca #1234.

How do I earn Moca XP?

There are a few ways you can earn Moca XP:

How does Moca XP impact my benefits?

Partner Project Whitelist

  • Higher Moca XP will increase your probability of winning whitelist draws in the future, each qualified NFT (i.e. NFTs that are staked for two 7-day periods prior to the draw) will serve as 1 entry into the draw.
  • Each wallet can win up to 3 WL spots (final decision subject to partner requirement)


  • By the end of the season, a randomization process will be conducted to draw the winners of the box based on Moca XP, while Moca XP will also determine the tier of the boxes you might get.
  • After each season, Moca XP will be reset and welcome a new fun streak.

Instant Experience Rewards

  • Moca XP would not impact your chance of winning instant experience rewards — it is based on persistence, skills, and sometimes luck


Q: How do I view my Moca XP & check my ranking?
Once the new website is launched, you can check your ranking through weekly updates on the Moca XP leaderboard. In the meantime, we are also building a user dashboard, which allows holders to connect wallet to check and manage their own Mocas.

Q: What’s in the Box?
The “Boxes” may include tokens and NFTs from Animoca Brands portfolio projects and a list of partnered project NFTs.

Q: Will I still receive Moca XP for that staking period if I list my Moca?
As long as you did not list or sell or transfer the Moca, you will be eligible for staking rewards for that 7-day interval.

Q: When does each staking period start?
The first staking period began at our reveal — March 17 01:00pm UTC and will end on March 24 12:59 UTC . Each staking period will begin every Friday UTC 01:00 pm and last until the following Friday 12:59pm UTC.

Q: What happens if I transfer my Moca into a cold wallet?
Transferring Mocas to a different wallet (including cold wallet) will be considered as transfers, meaning it will be ineligible for the staking Moca XP rewards in that specific staking interval.

Q: Do I need to keep all my Mocas in 1 wallet?
As Moca XP will be accrued to each Moca NFT, the wallet that holds Mocas will not directly impact Moca XP of each corresponding Moca. However, we might consider Moca XP boosters for multiple Mocas within the same wallet, boosters will not be applied if the number of Mocas in the said wallet no longer meets the minimum requirement.

Q: What happens if I buy a new Moca?
When a Moca is bought, it’s considered as a transfer event. The Moca XP for that staking period will be lost, but the overall Moca XP remains. This Moca has to wait until the next staking period to gain the XP. We might consider the flexibility here to allocate Moca XP in the right way for new buyers.

Q: What happens if I listed and delisted again within the staking period?
At this stage, it will be considered as listed as a “listing” event that has been captured during the staking period. We might consider qualifying this scenario as valid staking as long as the Moca is not sold within the staking period.

It definitely is an experiment, and being iterative is the right way to go. WAGMI.

Still, got questions or suggestions? Reach out to the Mocaverse team via Discord or drop into one of our weekly townhalls!

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