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Those who have followed Mocaverse since Day 1 would know digital property rights, co-creation, and doing good which all form a part of maintaining the spirit and ethos of web3 from some of our core principles. Our ecosystem aims to represent and advocate Animoca Brands and the wider web3 ecosystem’s core values and beliefs. In the modern age, protecting your digital property is becoming a fundamental human right, and that, of course, includes the right of creators who should be allowed to set the economic circumstances of their creations.

Royalty payments not only play a central role in motivating and sustaining long-term value for all creators in web3 but are also critical to maintaining an ecosystem that can be sustainable in a decentralized manner as a fair reward for creators which helps maintain a healthy balance of power between creators, owners and platforms leading to a robust and sustainable form of decentralization with aligned interest.

“Royalties support and incentivize creators, preserve/allow for long-term value creation, enable ownership and commercial rights, and benefit the entire commons. Not paying royalties is against YOUR & the commons’ best interests and the spirit of #web3,” Yat Siu, our Chairman, has repeatedly defended creators’ rights publicly, and we at Mocaverse firmly adhere to it. Web3 has finally brought about a way to reward creators globally fairly, it has lifted thousands of individuals and creators into better financial opportunities, initially with artists.

We want to ensure our launch approach aligns with the ethos we stand by. The latest developments that infringe on the rights of creators and the broader web3 ecosystem have forced us to postpone the Mocaverse public mint for a short period. As a big advocate of transparency, we will share our game plan with our beloved community step by step as we go, which may change as the circumstances shift. The three main action points we are prioritizing are as follows:

New smart contract redeployment

As per OpenSea’s announcement and after direct clarification with OpenSea, Mocaverse’s current collection has lost its “grandfather” status, meaning that Mocaverse’s on-chain royalties would not be fully enforced and honored. One of our goals is for royalties to help sustain a DAO that would directly benefit the Mocaverse community in a long-term and sustainable manner. As a result, we are redesigning, reauditing, and testing a new contract to allow enforcement of creator royalties for our collection on top of our NFT license structure, which will also be incorporated. To make this happen, we will re-evaluate our current timeline, and a new mint date will be announced shortly. We will focus on quality assurance and auditing between now and the new mint day, protecting every member and future member interacting with the contract. This will not only defend our project’s creator’s royalty which is to the benefit of the Mocaverse community but, more importantly, to stay true to our shared ethos and set an example for other projects to ensure they can also protect themselves appropriately.

Sneak peek at privileged experiences for the community

The Mocaverse project aims to elevate experiences and provide intangible value for our community. In the coming days, we will double down on some new, exciting pre-mint campaigns and give a brief glimpse into what sort of exclusive experience will be available to our MocaFam. We will bring exclusive access to one of our key pre-mint highlight events to our Mocalist members. Stay tuned, as we will announce the details shortly!

New timeline communication

As mentioned above, the target launch date for the Mocaverse collection will be announced shortly after a complete evaluation has been completed. As there are many moving parts related to the new smart contract deployment, we will announce a new proposed mint date in the coming few days after evaluating all actions needed for the adjustment. We understand that members of the Mocalist are eager to mint their very own Mocas, so the team is working tirelessly to minimize the impact and change the timeline.

To stay on top of the adjusted timeline and coming news, please follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server.

Web3 and the Mocaverse stand for a better digital future that is more free, fair, and equitable, enabled by true digital property rights protected by decentralization away from the abuses of centralized platforms. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support to help construct a better future for the next generation of the Internet for decades to come.

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