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4 min readMar 21, 2024

You might’ve already seen the legendary Pixelmon frolicking on the Moca Planet, and here’s our first activation launched in collaboration with Pixelmon — PixelPals!

Meet and care for your very own PixelPals, plant and harvest crops, up your PetPoints and Habitat Value for RP rewards and season end $MON airdrop!

Exclusive perks for Moca ID: 1.2X multiplier for airdrop!

Read on to find out more.

The PixelPals Season 0 ends on April 29th, 2024.

Mission 1 — Welcome to PixelPals

Are you ready to meet your PixelPal? Create your account and link it to your Moca ID for your first Mission!

Step 1: Head over to to create your account

Step 2: Click “Get Started” to begin the account creation process. You will need to select one of the login options: Email / Google / Facebook / Apple ID / Discord

Step 3: Once you create your account, you will be assigned a wallet on the Mantle Network for your in-game account.

Step 4: Select your preferred PixelPals

Step 5: Once you’re done, head over to your Pet Profile on the top left corner

Step 6: Click the “Link” button in your Pets Profile, and then “Connect” to begin the linking process

Step 7: Once you’ve completed Steps 1–6, head over to the Mission Page to claim your RP

For easy access, you can install PixelPals on your mobile device as PWA

On Andriod, visit and follow the steps below

On iOS, visit and follow the steps below

There are a few metrics that you must pay attention to in-game.

Time of Death (TOD) is the timer that indicates the pet’s current life span. Each pet will begin with a TOD of 1 day, and consuming food extends the TOD (max. 3 days). When your pet’s TOD reaches zero:

  • Your pet will die (NFT will not be burnt)
  • You will not be able to interact with game modules and shop modules
  • You can purchase revival potions to continue

Pet Points govern the user’s placement in the leaderboard. Pet Points can be gained through consuming in-game food items or harvesting crops from the garden.

Pet Level (XP) increase by +1XP every minute it survives, and it capped at lv. 100 for Season 0

Habitat Value is given each time a crop is harvested. Each crop will have a differing duration to harvest, and output differing TOD, Habitat Value, and Pet Points.

Mission 2 — Increase Habitat Value to 1000

Mission Period: 21 Mar 04:00–04 Apr 04:00 UTC

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, continue leveling up your Habitat Value!

Step 1: Start utilizing your plot of garden land to plant, grow, and harvest food for your PixelPal! Each food items will output different TOD, Habitat Value, and Pet Points

Step 2: Keep an eye out for your PixelPal’s TOD daily to ensure that it’s well cared for

Step 3: Once you’ve reached a 1000+ Habitat Value, visit the Mission page to claim your RP

For a detailed play guide, visit the PixelPals guide.


  • Unharvested crops will go bad within 6H if not harvested!
  • For every 500 Habitat Value you accumulate, you can unlock a DecoBox which will give you a random decoration. Placing a decoration in your habitat will give you more Habitat Value!
  • Try planting and harvesting different crops to up your Habitat Value!

Once your pet’s TOD reaches 0, a tombstone will appear and you will not be able to interact with your pet. You can purchase a revival potion for a small fee to resume progression. Make sure you try to keep your pet alice and healthy!

Purchasing a PixelPass enables you to unlock a different stream of level milestone rewards. Note that PixelPass rewards cannot be stacked with normal tier rewards. Upon purchasing a pass, you will only be eligible for PixelPass rewards from the next level onwards.

Prize Pool

Up to 180 RP are up for grabs in this Moca ID x Pixelmon partnership, but that’s not all!

As of today, the total prize pool for Season 0 of PixelPal is valued at $170,000 USDT and comprises $MON airdrop at the end of the season (April 29, 2024).

Your $MON allocation will be based on your Habitat Value and final ranking on the Habitat leaderboard.

Claim your share of the leaderboard prize by climbing up the ranks throughout the season! You can also claim level milestone rewards as you progress.

All Moca ID holders that complete both Mission 1&2 will receive a 1.2X multiplier for all airdrop rewards in Season 0— ensure that you’ve completed all the Missions to be eligible!



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