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3 min readMay 16, 2024

Shard Rush is back — again!

When we designed Shard Rush, it was never intended to be a one-off product. While the first 3 Mining Periods provided exclusive access into $MOCA Public Sale, future Shard Rush events will act as the short term reward mechanism for the wider Moca ID community.

For the first post-Public Sale Shard Rush, we have something special in mind for the community. In collaboration with Aethir, it’s time to mine for some $ATH!

We’ve secured a pool of $ATH rewards to be split between Moca NFT Holders and Moca ID Holders on top of the Aethir Cloud Drop campaign!

For more information about $ATH, visit:

For Moca NFT Holders:

Registration Period: May 16 — 20, 2024

Follow the steps below to be eligible for the $ATH airdrop!

Step 1: Register via the Mocana NFT giveaway portal here:
Step 2: Results will be announced on May 22nd, 2024

$ATH Distribution Mechanics for Moca NFT
Owns at least 1 Moca NFT and registers within the campaign period
Weightage: 1 Moca NFT = 1 spot (allocation / spot depends on final number of eligible entries)
Max win / wallet: No max cap
$ATH Distribution: Dedicated reward pool of $ATH tokens split equally among all eligible entries
Targeted Distribution Date: TBC by Aethir team

Moca ID Shard Rush:

Activation Period: May 16 — 22 23:59AM UTC, 2024

Step 1: Visit the Shard Rush page here:
Step 2: Check out the different Base Goals and Advanced Goals and RP requirements
Step 3: Visit the Mocana Missions page to select a Mission to complete:
Step 4: Once you’ve reached the Base Goal of earning 60 RP, the Shard Generator will be activated (please note that Shard Generation rate updates once every hour on the dot)
Step 5: Continue to complete Advanced Goals to up your Shard generation rate!

Base Goals and Advanced Goals

$ATH Distribution Mechanics for Moca ID

The Moca ID <> Aethir Shard Rush will run from May 16 — May 22, 2024

Eligibility: Moca ID owns at least 1 Shard (either mined from Mining Period 4 or leftover from previous Mining Period)
Weightage: 1 Shard = 1 entry
Total # of winners: 10,000 spots
Max win / wallet: 1 win / Moca ID
Targeted Distribution Date: TBC by Aethir team

All available Shard balance will expire at the end of the Moca ID <> Aethir Shard Rush.

Unclaimed Shards will still be considered as eligible entries to the $ATH drop. However, Shards will not be claimable once the Aethir Shard Rush campaign period ends.

New Missions Now Available on Mocana

For this Special Edition of Shard Rush, check out the Missions below to up your Shard generation rate!

Moca ID <> Nine Chronicles:

Mission 2: Clear Stage 120 (RP Vault refilled)
Mission 3: Clear Stage 200 (RP Vault refilled)
Mission 11: Reach Stage 230 (New Mission — launching on May 17)

New Mocalize on X Missions have also gone live at

The Aethir Cloud edition Shard Rush will run from May 16–22, 2024.



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