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Remember Into the Mocaverse?

Shortly after the Mocaverse NFT mint in March 2023, we launched a series of partner activations, the first of which is with Arc8 by GAMEE — Into the Mocaverse, a token-gated, 7x24h tournament exclusively for Moca NFT & Realm Ticket holders.

Now, we’re bringing back our partnership with a bigger and better SEASON TAKEOVER.

More games, more prizes. Compete in multiple games to hatch your Beastie and earn a free-to-mint Beast NFT. Use your Beasts to win prizes in Arc8!

Read on to find out more about the return of Arc8 x Mocaverse.

Mission 1 — Into the Mocaverse

Activation Period: April 8 — June 4

Let’s start with creating a new Arc8 account and linking it to your Moca ID.

Step 1: Visit to create your account or log in

Step 2: Click “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner to pair your wallet to your account

Step 3: Once you’ve connected your wallet, select “Connect Moca ID” in the homepage, you will be redirected to the Moca ID mint/login page. Follow the onscreen steps to login or mint your Moca ID

Step 4: Once you’ve paired your Arc8 account to your Moca ID, visit the app store to download the Arc8 app (iOS or Android)

Step 5: Login with your Arc8 account and take a moment to learn how Arc8 works. Learn about Energy, Streaks and feeding your unique Beastie

Step 6: On the main Arc8 screen, select the Into the Mocaverse game, and play until you’ve collected a total of 6,000 points overall

Step 7: Once you’ve reached 6000 points, visit the Mission Page to claim your RP!

For more gameplay info, visit the Arc8 Wiki.

Mission 2 — Get Competitive!

Activation Period: April 10 13:00 — April 15 13:00 UTC

Take part in all three Mocaverse tournaments in Arc8, exclusively for Moca ID holders and compete against your fellow MocaFam to climb the leaderboard!

Tournament Schedule:

To find the tournaments for Moca Mania and 8-Ball Moca:

Step 1: Choose the scheduled game in Arc8 to join (eg. Moca Mania on April 10th)

Step 2: Aim to win as many consecutive matches as possible. For every win in a streak, you get even more trophies, which determines your tournament ranking

To find the tournament for Into the Mocaverse:

Step 1: Select ‘Events’ on the main screen, then ‘Tournaments’

Step 2: Navigate to the tournament that is marked with an Into the Mocaverse icon and begin playing. The leaderboard will also be displayed here so keep playing to up your ranking!

Note: Do not switch games while playing a streak in order to maximize your chances of reaching a high rank, as this will lower your final score in the tournament!

To be eligible for the base 80 RP rewards, you must play at least 1 game in each Tournament.

If you place in the Top 1000 of each Tournament, you will receive extra rewards (up to 1350 RP!):

1st–10th Place: 450 RP
11th–100th Place: 400 RP
101st–500th Place: 300 RP
501st–1000th Place: 220 RP

Mission 3 — A True Champ

Activation Period: April 8 — June 4

Complete successful winning streaks in Arc8 over at least three days in order to advance your way from the Rookie League to the Pro League, Master League and then the Champion League (or beyond)!

All players are automatically entered into Leagues, starting at the Rookie League. Play any game you like within the Arc8App (does not have to be the same game in a winning streak!).

A higher streak will win you more Trophies, and your 3 best Daily Streaks will affect your League Ranking.

Step 1: Select any game within the Arc8 App and start playing. Try to get the longest winning streak you can!

Step 2: Visit the League tab in the navigation bar to check the total number of Trophies from your daily best 3 Streaks. Each league has 100 players, with the top 25 players shown on the Leaderboard

Step 3: Place in Top 10 daily for additional rewards (Coins, Energy, Luck and Food) & to advance to the next League! If you place in the bottom 10 players, you’ll be relegated to the lower League the next day

Step 4: Once you’ve reached the Champion League, visit the Mission Page to claim your RP


  • Each Streak attempt costs 1 Energy Bolt, which is used up when you lose a battle, or when you have reached the longest possible Streak
  • Each Streak attempt is represented by an Energy Bolt. By default, you can attempt 3 streaks in a day (beginning at 1 PM UTC) since a Beastie starts with three Energy Bolts per day. As you level up, your Beastie will have more Energy, allowing you to play more games / day
  • A higher Streak win rewards and more trophies
  • Only Trophies from your 3 best daily Streaks affect your League ranking

Bonus Tournament

Activation Period: April 16th, 13:00 UTC

Win a Moca NFT* by topping the leaderboards and emerging victoriously in the Bonus Tournament (*supplied by Arc8)!

To qualify:
- Finish in the top 100 players in any of the three tournaments from Mission 2 to qualify directly
- Finish 101–300th place* in any of the three tournaments in Mission 2 to be entered into a draw.
- Join the Discord server — 100 places* will be allocated in a draw to GAMEE Discord community members.

*You must play a minimum of ten gameplays within each tournament to become eligible for a chance to advance to the Moca NFT finals.

Check Arc8 for the gated final tournament on April 16th, where you may be one of a thousand lucky players who gets to compete for an exclusive Mocaverse NFT!

Find out more about Leagues in Arc8 here.

Moca ID <> Arc8 App Phase 2 is launching on May 2, 2024.

New games, new missions, more RP 👇

Mission 4 — Explore Arc8

Activation Period: May 2 - June 4

Choose to smash in free-kicks with Manchester City legends, obliterate your way to victory in Qube 2048, or unwind after a tough game of Cranky Monkey with a couple of relaxing card games — it’s entirely up to you!

Step 1: Visit, ensure that you’ve already minted your Moca ID and completed “Mission 1: Welcome to Arc8”

Step 2: Play 5 different games within the Arc8 app

Step 3: Visit the Mocana Mission page to claim your RP

Don’t forget that the more you play, the more delicious goodies you’ll win to feed your Beastie, which puts you well on the path to success!

Mission 5 — Moca Speed

Activation Period: May 2 — June 4

Play the Moca Racer game and reach a cumulative score of 300,000 points

Step 1: On the main Arc8 app screen, select the Moca Racer game

Step 2: Get grinding! You need to collect a total of 300,000 points overall in the Moca Racer game to qualify

Step 3: To check your current progress, navigate to Moca Missions located at the top of the home screen in the Arc8 app. As soon as you’ve reached the required cumulative score, the mission will show as completed

Step 4: Visit the Mocana Mission page to claim your RP

Mission 6 — Behold The Beast

Activation Period: May 2 — June 4

Step 1: Feed your Beastie with food won by playing games and advancing through the leagues until it reaches Level 16

Step 2: Once it reaches Level 16, select the option to mint it and follow the steps on screen (there is no cost to mint a Beast!)

Step 3: Once you’ve minted your Beast NFT, visit the Mission page to claim your RP

Remember, the rarer the food you feed it, the higher the chance that your Beast will have a higher rarity when you mint it. Owning a Beast NFT unlocks a number of features in Arc8, including Luck Mining and gated events!

Mission 7 — Sixty-Nine Steps

Activation Period: May 2 — June 4

Reach Stage 69 in Arc8 Season progress!

Step 1: Progress through the season, pass the stages and collect rewards to reach Stage 69 in the Arc8 Season progress

Step 2: Once you’ve reached Stage 69, visit the Mocana Mission page to claim your RP

To check your current stage, check the right-hand side of the Arc8 home screen!

Phase 2 Special Mocaverse Season Events by Arc8

Don’t miss out on these special events running in Arc8 this season:

💅 May 7th — Beauty and the Beast

Got a good-looking Mocaverse Season Beast? Enter your badass Beast into a beauty contest with some brilliant RP and Loot rewards!

  • On May 7th, share a picture of your Mocaverse Season Beast NFT on Twitter
  • Include your Arc8 username in the post
  • Tag @Arc8App and use the hashtag #ratemybeast

Arc8 will pick the top 10 and the Discord community will vote. Results will be announced on Twitter.

More event details:

🍔 May 16th — The Hungry Games

Own a Mocaverse Beast NFT? That’s all you need to take part in this fearsome final farewell to the Mocaverse Season.

One huge dApp league, 24 hours, epic prizes and all Mocaverse Beasts welcome.

If you didn’t manage to mint a Mocaverse Season Beast, you can pick one up on Opensea.

😈 May 21st — The Good, the Bad and the Beast

A big juicy leaderboard to sort the best from the rest!

If you own at least one Mocaverse Season Beast (or more!) before the snapshot on May 21 (1PM UTC), then some extra Loot and Realm Points could be coming your way.

The more Beasts you hold, the better your ranking. And the rarer your Beasts, the better your ranking!

How to Win:

  • Own one or more Moca Season Beast NFTs (purchased or minted) at the time of the snapshot. They must be in the wallet that you have paired with Arc8.
  • A leaderboard will be created after the snapshot that ranks Beast holders according to the quantity and rarity of their Beasts.
  • Top 1000 Beast holders will win Loot and RP rewards.

Rewards for Top 1000 Beast Holders:

  • 1000 Loot for every Beast you own (eg. 3 Beasts = 3000 Loot)

Total RP: 270,500 RP

  • 1st–10th: 450 Moca RP per person
  • 11th–100th: 400 Moca RP per person
  • 101st–500th: 300 Moca RP per person
  • 501st–1000th: 220 Moca RP per person



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