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6 things you need to remember to avoid “Airdrop Coin” scam from the perspective of Blockchain Developer!

In crypto, there are so many types of hackers/scammers. So, be carefull!

What is Airdrop Coin?

Airdrops in cryto are coins that are distributed for FREE. Their value will increase when users can somehow spread and attract more people to participate in the project having airdrops.The first stage of crypto projects won’t be attractive and have a large community of participants like previous projects. Many people are afraid to spend money to buy, but when it is free, they are eager to learn and use it and urge other business services to accept that coin as a means of payment. Many coin holders will increase the value of the project itself by actions such as participating in community development, spreading word of mouth, participating in the vote to let the coins they keep on the big exchange. Therefore, Airdrop Coin is an ideal solution for a strong community.

However, because it is FREE, and touches people’s greed that nowadays, in the crypto, there are thousands of ways for hackers/scammers to scam users through the form of Airdrop Coin. If you are not fully equipped with knowledge as well as gullible, you will inadvertently become the unlucky victim of the profitable Airdrop Coin scams of those hackers/scammers

Within the scope of this article, Mochi will show 6 ways to help you recognize the “airdrop coin scam” from the perspective of MochiLab’s blockchain developers!

TIP 1: If you don’t participate in any airdrop events and suddenly receive some strange tokens being transferred into your wallet, please absolutely don’t touch it at this time.This hits the user’s greed when receiving a free airdrop token, a hacker/scamer can create malicious tokens into that token, and then airdrop it everywhere. Therefore, those who are gullible and bring that token to swap will be able to accidentally execute such malicious code, as a result, may lose other tokens in their wallet.

TIP 2: You need to check whether your project & token being airdropped is listed on big websites like or, this tip doesn’t completely help you avoid the risk of being scammed, but it also reduces the risk quite a lot, especially when you join airdrop.

TIP 3: You need to check if the token has been verified source code or not? Do you install buy/sell lock functions, or tax on sales transactions because a lot of scam tokens are only for users to buy but cannot be sold, or selling will cost a lot of money.

TIP 4: To avoid being fished with fake domains: Please pay close attention to whether the project domain you are airdropping is official? Currently, there are many parties pretending to send airdrop mail, with the same interface as the official project’s homepage. In addition, there are also many tricks such as replacing similar characters, or changing domain names to conduct airdrop scam.

TIP 5: To avoid being fished with fake groups on Telegram: Lately, there are many scammers running bots to build an entire fake group with the same name, and running airdrops or tricking users into buying tokens. And of course, a lot of people get scammed! You should be careful, check carefully if the project Telegram Group Chat you are entering is offcial or not!

TIP 6: To avoid being fished with fake users on Telegram/Discord: Recently, there is another type of airdrop scam that pretends to be a project to send direct messages to users, notify them of winning something, and tell users to buy and sell fake tokens, or airdrop malicious tokens to users’ wallets, or send fake project websites to users so that they can fill in their information. If you are gullible, you will be the victim!

So where is the reputable place to find Airdrop Coin?
MochiLab has consulted some reputable and quality information channels to give you some good addresses to help you find “delicious” airdrop coin here.

In addition to social networks like Twitter, Telegram or Discord, there are a few websites built with the purpose of providing information to people about the appearance of airdrops, including:


Or visit the Mochi.Market community at Telegram/Twitter to regularly update many good “deals” on Airdrop Coin!

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Let’s look forward to our next information!

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