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A quick guide how to use MochiPad

Here are some steps to help you use MochiPad more quickly and conveniently. Visit our MochiPad’s domain here:

1. Join IDO

1.1. Connect Wallet

1.2. Staking

To join Whitelist and purchase IDO, you need to stake MOMA at pool staking for pad

NOTE: Holders of MOCHI SUPER HEROES COLLECTION will be counted equivalent to level 2 to be able to participate in MochiPad IDOs

2. Swap token

2.1. For users who have done “staking” and are on the whitelist, the Tier will be displayed and the Max Allocaion will be purchased:

Purchase token max allocation

After the transaction is successfully done, it will display the amount of tokens you used to purchase

2.2. For users who have not done “staking” and cannot enter the whitelist, they will only purchase in the FCFS round whenever the whitelist rounds have been completed, the max allocation and tier will be different from those who have done “staking” and are included in the whitelist.


In this round, all users (Except those in the whitelist and purchased in the previous round) can stake tokens to be able to purchase the maximum amount of tokens of 1x.

You purchase like Swap part by submitting the amount of tokens you want to use to purchase according to the rate shown in the Swap Info section (In this case, the ratio is 1 BNB : 1000 BMW tokens)

After your purchase is done successfully, the screen will also display a countdown clock until you can claim a new token if the pool raise is successful or redeem the staked token when the pool raise fails.

4. Claim token

4.1. When the project raises successfully

In this case, users can claim an amount of tokens at TGE and the rest will be “Vesting” according to the conditions of the pool.

4.1.1. Claim TGE

When the project raises successfully, users can claim an amount of tokens at TGE

4.1.2. Vesting

After claiming, the amount of TGE tokens will be returned to user’s wallet and the vesting part will be vesting according to the milestones (according to the blocks):

When it’s time to unlock, usesr can claim the token vesting at the right rate

After claiming successfully, the amount of tokens you have claimed will change and show the next milestone to claim

4.2. When the project raises unsuccessfully

When the target is not reached, users can redeem the locked amount of tokens in the pool to purchase IDO tokens

In this case, those who have previously locked tokens, regardless of the whitelist round or the FCFS round, will receive their locked tokens back after clicking the Refund button.

NOTE: User can stake right now and start farming at 14:00 UTC, 2022 Jan 04. We will randomly take snapshot in last 3 days before IDO, therefore you should keep your MOMA in pool for at least 3 days before IDO.

If you have any problems with MochiPad, please let us know by sending your feedbacks or questions to one of social channels of Mochi Market or MochiLab such as Telegram, Twitter,…

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In upcoming days, MochiLab will boost our interaction on existing channels to create more practical values for the community, on the other hand, expand new channels such as Tiktok, Youtube…

Let’s look forward to our next information!

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