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AMA Announcement: Mochi x Battle of Multiworld

Please send your questions HERE!

Battle of Multiworld (BMW) has become one of our strategic partners recently. After all 3 sale rounds on MochiPad, BWM had successfully raised their total sale up to 750.000BUSD! This is a absolutely impressive number for both Mochi’s community and BMW as well.

Mochi proudly announce that, we will hold a special AMA with BMW this Friday!

📅Date : 21st January 2022
🕐Time : 2:00PM UTC
👉Venue : Mochi Market Official Telegram

🎙Special Guest: Mrs Ivy Jones — CMO of BMW

🎁 Reward Pool
- 5000 BMW for 4 lucky questions
- 2 special NFT Box (30.000BMW) for 2 best questions
Kindly send your questions HERE

How to join the #AMA?

👉 Follow Mochi Market Twitter

👉 Join Mochi Market Telegram

👉 Follow BMW Twitter

👉 Join BMW Telegram

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In upcoming days, MochiLab will boost our interaction on existing channels to create more practical values for the community, on the other hand, expand new channels such as Tiktok, Youtube…

Let’s look forward to our next information!

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