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MochiLab Team are excited to inform you that we are going to host #AMA with our partner Dark Land Survival. Please send your questions and follow the timeline!!

As we announced yesterday, Dark Land Survival became one of our strategic partner and they is going to submit their IDO on MochiPad! So before that big event, let’s join our special AMA with Dark Land team on this March 24th!

⏰ TIME: 14:00 UTC on March 24th, 2022
Mochi Market Official Telegram Group
💥 Format: Text AMA
💵 Reward Pool: $100 BUSD
- 5 Best questions from
Twitter Post
- 5 Best Answers of Community to Dark Land’s questions during AMA Session

🔥 Welcome our special Guest: Ms. Lily Nguyen — CEO of Dark Land Survival

How to join the #AMA?

👉 Follow Mochi Market Twitter:

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👉 Follow Dark Land Twitter:

👉 Join Dark Land Telegram:

Don’t forget that Dark Land Survival will submit their IDO MochiPad on Mar 25th, 2022 (14:00 UTC). Please click here for the details:

Let’s give more support for our partner Dark Land Survival in their upcoming IDO on MochiPad. Thank you so much!

Stay tuned for more information about us and be ready for our upcoming big events following that.

MochiLab x Dark Land Survival

Together we go to the moon!!


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