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AMA Recap: Mochi x Battle of Multiworld (BMW)

If you missed the AMA: Mochi x BMW, here is the recap of it. See you on our next AMA soon!

On 2:00PM UTC, 21st 2021, Mochi hosted an AMA with Battle of Multiworld (BMW). The special guests included CMO Ivy Jones from BMW.

Our AMA would have 3 sessions in total as follows:

Session 1: The chat will be muted & the team would introduce themselves then Mochi would ask some introduction questions to the team BMW.

Session 2: Mochi would pick 3 Best Question from our community on our Twitter:

Sessions 3: Mochi would pick 3Best Question from our community on Telegram during AMA


1 — The price of BMW is falling sharply, what action do you take to regain investors’ confidence?

Ivy Jones: I believe that the whole market, including blue-chip coins and game coins are all experiencing the same, so it’s not only BMW price is dropping. With previous activities and annoucements, we have burnt some tokens, also added and locked Liquidity pool. That proves our responsibility and both players and investors can count on us.
However, we always have a back-up plan. We will continuously work to improve users’ experience in the game, and pushing marketing to the next level. We have just agreed on a deal with Greenery media to work with 6 major Youtube channels. They will certainly boost our project and gain user’s trust in us too.
In this bad market time only products with real investment can survive
We with a strong technical team will try to perfect the product well with high speed to bring the best experience to the user and bring good profit to the user.
A good enough product with the right marketing strategy will get us through this difficult time

2 — I appreciate the work speed of BMW when they release new functions almost continuously after IDO. The mainnet game is out now, do you guys have any big updates yet to be announced?

Ivy Jones: We have long term vision in building a strong community with high quality gameplay and exciting in-game features. On January 17, we launched the mainnet of the game with PvE mode and NFT sale feature. As players who joined the game, they gave us pretty good feedbacks about the gameplay, attractive ROI,…
With what we are working on rightnow, in the near future, we are about to release more amazing features that it will definitely stand out with other games.
One of them is:
- Referral system which players who refer new players can earn valuable rewards
- PvP mode where you can compete with other players
- Marketplace — will be ready with many in-game items
- Universe boss — the most exciting feature that all players are waiting for

3 — What is BMW’s market expansion orientation? Which markets will BMW reach? With strategy like?

Ivy Jones: As marketing activities I mentioned in the first question, rather than that, we will continue promoting not only the global but also the local community which we have already contacted with some local KOLs. We have strong China and Vietnam community for now, and we will expand more local community as the newcomers come.
Our strategy is to bring to long term benefits for players and investors. We have plan to burn and buyback but as very bad market condition right now, we need to calculate the right timing. Beside Youtube activities, we will advertise the game on other social media platforms, especialy Twitter and Tiktok. With our own community, we will organize minigames, in-game events with valuable rewards
With the confidence of good product and team’s efforts, we believe the product will reach the majority of users.

4 — Can you provide some impressive numbers that BMW has achieved so far?

Ivy Jones: We sold out 250,000 busd in the private sale round. After that, we have done 4 rounds of public sale on 3 launchpads. We aimed to raise 750,000 busd at the beginning, but we could only achieve 716,000 busd (and the unsold tokens were burnt). However, our team think that it was an achievement nonetheless in the bad market condition.
Mainnet: 305 user and 282 character boxes were sold
Testnet: 700 users
Coinmarketcap listing
2000 holders
Although the number is not really high, with a bad market like this, it’s also an encouraging number

5 — How does BMW keep supply/demand stable and avoid inflation?

Ivy Jones: Like I shared, we have raised 716,000 out of 750,000 busd in public sale. And the unsold tokens were burnt as I mentioned above.
The majority of our tokenomics is going to be distributed for play-to-earn and staking features (46%), so you can see our ecosystems revolves around the game.
Another 18% will be for marketing and community development, such as running Airdrop, giveaway or mini game events. We know that marketing is crucial in creating a hype in the community.
15% of our token is for team, but this is 0% unlocked at TGE and linear unlocking in 12 months, so we will follow the project in the long term.
As you can tell, most of our tokenomics are being dedicated to game play and the community of BMW.
So there are plenty of chances and opportunities for investors and players to earn our tokens. They just need to follow our official announcements closely to take part in any events.
For more details, take a look at Tokenomics on the whitepaper on our official website (
To raise the price of BMW token, we would Create an attractive game field with many features for users to experience. Increase the usability of the token through partnership activities with partners.

6 — What makes BMW different? I play BMW, can I buy a BMW?

Ivy Jones: Unlike the other games in the market, our aim for the game is to create a competitive environment which promotes players’ attendance. Players have to join the game very often to develop their strategies as well as experiences.
our priority is for players to stay and gain profits for a long term instead of short term investment. All players or investors can gain profits from taking in any part of the game.
And yes, our gamefi will bring a very new concept that is external cashflow, instead of current projects that only depend on the flow of money from new players, which will gradually die without new players.
Beside PvP, PvP mode or Raid boss features,… what stands out of the game is our conquering mode which you and your team can attack other worlds by invading their fortresses. The rewards will affect directly on each world too
The avareage ROI is 15 days. You can calculate the interest rate based on that. To make a huge income, of course you have to invest more.


1- Question from user @torlak78

Hi there,Approximately 70 million BMW tokens were sold in total pre-sales. Do you think you made a mistake in dumping the price after listing, in the vesting system, and in staking and farming (timing). What are your solutions in terms of trusting the project? Thanks

Ivy Jones: We don’t think so. Price dumping is not our fault, everyone can’t win the market right? I think our vesting system works quite well and reasonable, just that it was unfortunate for us to release token in the bad market condition. Staking and farming features have to be released after IDO, so we can’t delay that. To gain trust from investors, the only thing we can do now is to keep trying, do more marketing, keep releasing features in the game, to show that we won’t give up with the project.

2- Question from user @Crypto_Zeus_

The project is good and running. I know the developer has worked hard and really worked hard. The market sucks at the moment, I know. My question is what is your next step to target real players (investors)? You have everything set out in motion, only needs are people in it.

Ivy Jones: We are going to focus more on country community, rather than global group. Currently we have China and Vietnam as biggest communities, and we are going to spread that spirit to other countries like Philippines, Indonesia and Korea. People will interact more in their language, so communication in those local groups are very important

3- Question from user @BenliBenli12

Most of projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives?So, What are you focusing right now?About All the investors hold token for short term. What are the benefits for holding $BMW token?

Ivy Jones: We focus on marketing to gain trust from investors, they are going to hold token and believe in us in the long term. Benefits is that when game release new feature, token price will increase. And if the market gets better, everything will be bright again. Of course, in case of worse situation, we have plan to buy back token already


1- Question from user @Mungsep78

What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? In contrast, what is your weakness and How do you plan to overcome it?

Ivy Jones: Our advantage is that we have experience with other gamefi projects already, so the difficulties at this point we have been expecting them. But our weakness is that we can’t foresee the bad market condition now, but we have to follow with the project anyway

We can’t stop. So as long as there are investors put faith in us. We will get stronger.

2- Question from user @boksiu

What will be the process to withdraw the earnings in Battle of MultiWorld and how fast will the process be? Will there be any commission charged? How long will be the waiting time to have our in-game $BMW available in our wallets?

Ivy Jones: Under 1 week, you can claim with no tax the BMW you earned in the game. If you want to withdraw early there will be higher taxes, the taxes are shown clearly in the claim table

3- Question from user @KianaWhyte

Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?

Ivy Jones: Our partnership includes Mochi, Milkyway and Astronaut, also Coinmarketcap, Poocoin and Pancakeswap. Our partners in the future are Greenery agency for marketing, and more CEX listing platforms, and traditional game workshops.

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