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Fun fact: The difference between a normal trader and a trader-cum-blockchain developer

This is how our blockchain developers trade coins. It’s different from other normal traders!

Here are 8 situations which explain the difference between a normal trader and a trader-cum-blockchain developer. How they react if they’re in such situation below?

1. The token of game AXS “SLB” is trending

  • The normal trader: The more you lose, the more you purchase to hold for long-term profit
  • Trader-cum-blockchain developer: You acknowledge that SLP is just a bonus token of the game, you only trade but don’t hold for a long time

2. Buy Solana at a good entry price

  • The normal trader: Take profit of Solana at reasonable prices
  • Trader-cum-blockchain developer: You realize the potential of Solana, you decide to hold it for long-term. When it goes to the moon, you trade

3. Buy token IDO in new ecosystems

  • The normal trader: You miss because you have no knowledge
  • Trader-cum-blockchain developer: You’re so confident to join!

4. When you find out that a certain token has a security hole in its code

  • The normal trader: You have no idea. So, you can’t sell that token at a suitable price
  • Trader-cum-blockchain developer: You know good time to sell it

5. You hear a rumor that token A is about to be dumped

  • The normal trader: You dump quickly
  • Trader-cum-blockchain developer: You check the unlock schedule and realize that it is just a scam. Therefore, you don’t sell.

6. Token A is going to the moon

  • The normal trader: Wait for a good price to purchase
  • Trader-cum-blockchain developer: Don’t purchase! Nothing is special about project technology

7. Project A is having some technical issues, and they haven’t fixed in a long time yet

  • The normal trader: Buy at low price, sell at high price. No matter what, you just care about the interest
  • Trader-cum-blockchain developer: Wait for a good time to sell.

8. Project A is a newly launched wallet

  • The normal trader: After reviewing some information about the project and the team project, you can see the potential and consider purchasing it
  • Trader-cum-blockchain developer: That wallet can not compete against Metamask or Trust Wallet! Skip it!

So, how do you trade? Tell us by joining our community below!

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Let’s look forward to our next information!

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