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[Mochi x HIMO AMA Recap] Let’s be a fan of HIMO World!

If you missed the AMA: Mochi x HIMO World, here is the recap of it. See you on our next AMA soon!

On 2:00PM UTC, Jan 7th 2021, Mochi hosted an AMA with HIMO WORLD. The special guests included CEO @query_string, CPO @longmaba, CMO @voonguyen, CTO @geeta1206 from HIMO WORLD.

Our AMA would have 3 sessions in total as follows:

Session 1: The chat will be muted & the team would introduce themselves then Mochi would ask some introduction questions to the team HIMO WORLD.

Session 2: Mochi would pick 5 Best Question from our community on our Twitter:

Sessions 3: Mochi would pick 5 Best Question from our community on Telegram during AMA


1- Mochi: Hello HIMO, it’s pleasure for our Mochis to know more about you guys, please introduce yourself and your experiences

HIMO World: We work in the technology industry so it’s natural for us to get into new techs, and blockchain is one of them.

Kaopiz worked for several clients on blockchain projects since 2017. As for me, I was doing some esport betting (for fun), then one day the site I used started accepting bitcoin only, which forced me to buy Bitcoin. It was 2016 and since then I’ve been fascinated by the growth of blockchain and all the amazing use cases of it. I have been actively researching the crypto space, and was one of the first people to play with Defi, when YFI still is around 400 dollars. I got a uniswap airdrop (lol) and multiple of them later.

My name is Long, I’m the CPO and Co-founder of Himo World. I’ve been working in the gaming industry for 8 years, and currently I am a game producer, also a gamer :)

My name is Dat, I’m the CEO and Co-founder of Himo World. I’ve been working in the software industry for more than 10 years and game development for 6 years.

My name is Vu Nguyen and I’m the CMO of Himo World project. I first spotted bitcoin back in 2008 and just like the mass public, it was not something too serious for me at that time. Fast forwarding to 2016, I started investing personally in ETH and paid closer attention to the space. At the moment I’m working in Enterprise Solutions for Adobe, McAfee, Bupa, Tabcorp, etc.

My name is Quan. I am the CTO and Co-Founder of Himo World. I have worked in the software industry for more than 10 years. I have experience in game development and game data analysis, designing large systems, and working in the blockchain industry.

2- Mochi: Why did you build this game?

HIMO World: Himo World is the game that I have been nourishing for a long time, and in fact, initially in August 2021, I had a plan to deploy and turn it into just a traditional game. Right at the time the NFT trend emerged, I realized that this is a good opportunity for me to both incorporate new technology into the game and easily raise capital to be able to develop and operate this project. And yeah, Himo World was born!

3- Mochi: What’s the difference between your game and other traditional ones?

HIMO World: The main reasons that makes Himo World an excellent project of choice are three of our system for player to enjoy the game:

- Free-to-Play: Players don’t have to pay anything in order to experience the game. We, as traditional mobile game makers, believe that players should be able to experience the game before paying for it. If they like the game, they will engage in it.

- Create-to-Earn: In this game, the hero (NFT) will have different races and classes, with different appearances but there’s one thing in common: They don’t have any abilities predefined when players acquire them. Instead, players are the one who decide which abilities this hero will have. So with 5–6 different skill slots, players can freely create, or try different abilities combinations that could deliver a great combo in the game, and then they can sell their creation, the hero with those abilities to others.

- Compete-to-Earn: One of the best things we want to try, we want players to actually engage in the game and get rewards from actually playing it, rather than a “farming simulation”. We put a very huge prize in the tournament and that would be one of the main income source for the player

These properties will be our main development standpoint throughout the lifecycle of Himo World and further games. There’s a lot more to unpack but we will let you try it when the game is out

4- Mochi: I see that you don’t use 2 tokens like current games but use just 1 token in your game, can you explain this choice?

HIMO World: We only have a single token in the game, named $HIMO and we’re using traditional mobile game’s economy in the game, which was proven and sustainable. Allocation of which will be about 500 million tokens. Basically the token will flow inside the game mechanic, get into a fund, which will then be distributed back to the user via tournament. The user will use the token to improve the ability of the hero, and help with create-to-earn feature.

Players can use $HIMO coin to join premium tournaments, buy premium loot boxes, buy the gem or diamond in-game and trade with other users from around the world using Binance Smart Chain technology. You can earn $HIMO by winning the tournaments or selling heroes/items/skills. You can also buy it with your own money, trading it on the cryptocurrency market. And when holding the token in the long term, we believe that it will drive the community forward, going along with both our partners and our development team’s standpoint in the Himo World strategy.

5- Mochi: How about your future’s plan?

HIMO World: There is a lot of news and we’re dying to share with everyone. But please be patient as we don’t want to sound too hopeful before we hit certain benchmarks, as they are essential stepping stones for our world domination plan. For now what we can say is: there will be an early NFT Sales before IDO — which is now confirmed to be Jan 22nd, to reward early supporters with Super Rare Heroes & Skills. When I say ‘super rare’ it means an one-of-a-kind collection of limited Heroes that will not be available ever again. These are not just gimmicks to hype up Himo World’s NFTs, but these Heroes and Skills will play a very critical role in game meta & strategy later on when we’re at Tournament stage.

That brings us to the next HUGE milestone for us, which is our first Major Tournament happening June 2022. The rewards of this Tournament will be simple, I can’t find a better word, Insane! We hope to attract top game guilds as well as individual eSports veterans to participate and show off their killer Skills & Strategies. It will be a thing so note it down in your calendar. Everything we do right now is to prepare for this massive event. So stay tuned!

6- Mochi: I heard that it’s winter (crypto) right now, do you guys think the token price will drop? Do you guys have any plans to keep or push the token price?

HIMO World: As game makers, more than anyone we are confident about our game quality. However we don’t want to be over confident, as everything has to go through trials and errors. And right now we are comfortably position ourselves for vulnerability and feedback from Global community

Tournaments are our key drivers for success, and we play lots of respect and attention to this. We allocate lots of funds into rewards and community activities to build up the exposure of our competitive aspect of the game to everyone.

We are working with many Game Guilds at the moment to also host a number of regional offline tournaments, as the traditional gaming sector is our key market to penetrate in the next 5 years

1st our token supply is fixed, and we won’t mint more tokens and 2nd, we have an economy model for users to spend the tokens in game. Because of that, the value of the token will increase along with the growing of the game, which is much more healthy than burning and minting mechanism

7- Mochi: I see that many current games are hacked quite a lot. I wonder whether Himo World calculates the anti-hack or cheat mechanisms? Can you share?

HIMO World: Thanks for the question. First of all, to be super clear, no one can 100% prevent a hack. It’s just purely impossible to do so. What we can do is we learn from other failures, and from our experiences to build a solid system and patch all the recent exploitations. We will focus and do a lot of testing on the most important aspect of blockchain application: The Smart contract and the withdraw/deposit mechanism. Also we’re preparing a fallback plan in case an attack happen to minimize the damage to make sure our players won’t be affected.

8- Mochi: In many current games, they often attach a trending keyword “metaverse” . I wonder if Himo World is also a “metaverse” game? How do you think about “metaverse”?

HIMO World: “Metaverse” recently gets incorrectly used a lot, or you can say “overuse”. They usually link selling “Land” as NFT as metaverse, but that couldn’t be more wrong. “Metaverse” in itself is the way for people to communicate, to socialize with others. Think of it as a virtual social network, so to be called a “metaverse”, you must have several elements in the project that allow people to communicate or interact with others. You bought land, but what can you do with it? Can you invite your friend to your land to have dinner? Can you allow your friend to see your beautiful landscape? If all you can do after buying a land is to allow others to “farm” on it, that would be too shallow in my opinion. We want to turn Himo World into a Metaverse, but we have to prepare a lot for that. We prefer to make it right, rather than blindly follow the trend.


1- Question from user

HIMO World: Himo is a Japanese word that means “Thread” or “String”. So the idea of the game comes from the very foundation of blockchain: blocks get chained or “strung” together. In the game concept, the world is connected by a mysterious force called “Himo”, and also in the game mechanic, you can see how the player “connects” the gems in a string manner.

2- Question from user

HIMO World: Certainly, as we are utilizing the free-to-play model from traditional mobile game, we have a way to maintain the reward pools for players. To be accurate, all $HIMO token that have the player spends for in-game activities will be sent to a funds, which we will use 70% for the prize pool for tournament, and 25% for staking rewards. Just think of the revenue for a mobile game is distributed back to user, instead of the company get it all. That will be the way we operate.

3- Question from user

HIMO World: Well we can’t say much about investors. They will choose to sell when the Token price hits their profit targets. However, for gamers, HIMO Token will be impossible to hold! We want to make the game so good so you will spend (LOL) to explore all the magical combos that can help you win the game.

4- Question from user Kevin Ostaga

Can you share what is your best skills and experience among other projects that will guarantee that Himo World will become a success?

HIMO World: Our team has very talented people, that have worked with a lot of big companies in the past. We have experienced in launching games on different scale. I, myself, have been working with big clients in gaming industry, like Scopely, Miniclip, or EA. One of our game designer has 30 years experiences working on game in general, and even world building and storytelling genre. This project is our child, with a lot of features that we think other games is lacking so, we are very confident in this project.

5- Question from user

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

HIMO World: The future is too bright that I can’t see past 2022! J/k

In 2027, hopefully we don’t have anything like Covid. That would enable full power for our offline events, as we expect those will be explosive, not just in our local market (Vietnam & SEA), but also in tricky markets such as NA, EU (especially North EU where all the top gaming clans reside).

There will be so many heroes and skills then to allow the strategies and tactics becoming so diverse and interesting for all players’ skill tiers.

Our studio will grow at least 10x in size to cover all of the necessary grounds

Our investors from Mochilab’s today will drive Teslas for groceries.


1- @BenSTOCK: What are the plans to create an awareness in the community about your project? How will you educate people?

HIMO World: We will choose a slightly different path compared to other Defi games at the moment, by focusing directly to the strategy and gameplay aspects of the game, instead of drilling in the “Play to Earn” part.

To do that, we have been working with different game guilds and individuals to add depths to Game Wiki, Strategy Guides, constant 24/7/365 Live streaming on Twitch & Facebook

2- @Kingben40: A major issue encountered in DeFi is liquidity. Is there a way/solution to overcome this that you would like to share?

HIMO World: Yes, so as mentioned, we have 25% of all tokens burnt in our system go to treasury, and that would be the staking reward for user. So the user will be able to stake (1) $HIMO token and (2) $HIMO LP tokens, which will definitely help with the liquidity.

3- @LiuYifei889: Are there any plan to support local community who don’t understand english like Spanish, Russian, Indonesian?

HIMO World: We have just activated our local Telegram groups for Russia and Indonesia today. We are looking to activate Spanish group next week.

The ambition is to have offline events globally, so players can compete with their close proximity opponents if they wish to. That is a bit far fetch in our roadmap now but we are working hard toward that direction

4- @Hiddleston5: Most of platforms used to integrate cross chain interoperability to wide their ecosystem throughout multiple chains. Do you have any plans to add cross chain interoperability in future?

HIMO World: We have plans for that in the near future. The next platform will probably be Phantom

5- @Bullkq: We have seen that project with no utility token die sooner, How will you try to increase the utility of project token?

HIMO World: Exactly! Our token has the most important role in our game: to create the best hero to win in tournament. That’s why the token will grow with the game getting more and more attention. Other than that, $HIMO can be used on staking, contributing for your favorite team,… and even more in the future!

The AMA between Mochi Market x HIMO World ended successfully. We earned a lot of support from our both community. Hopefully, we will have more AMAs in the near future. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget that MochiPad will have the first IDO right after AMA. If you want to know more about this, please join our community Mochi Market Official on Telegram now. By the way, don’t miss your chance to stake MOMA at and purchase IDO as soon as possible!

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Let’s look forward to our next information!

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