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Good news for Mochis! Dark Land Survival has officially become our next partner. And on March 25th, Dark Land Survival will have their IDO on MochiPad. Please stay tuned!

Dark Land Survival is going to become our next partner and offer private & public sales on MochiPad in the upcoming period. With the special collaboration from Mochi Pad, players of Dark Land Survival can exchange their NFT items more easily with high liquidity. And hopefully both Mochi and Dark Land Survival will continue to grow sustainably.

About Dark Land Survival

Our partner — Dark Land Survival is more than just an NFT IDLE Zombie Defense Game powered by blockchain technology. Built on BSC, it’s a massive open world that comes with a whole new perspective. Aside from the Play-to-Earn mechanic with a rich content and invested lore, Dark Land Survival offers a superior gaming experience with various gameplay modes and features such as campaign, dungeon, raid mode, construction mode, landlord, and more. All of which encourage players to keep playing and exploring.

Here is Dark Land Survival Official GamePlay Trailer:

Dark Land Survival Development Team

Based in Singapore, BigCat Studio is a group of veteran game experts with many years of combined experience who have come together to form a new studio with a singular vision: to create captivating narrative games. In order to conquer the GameFi world, BIG CAT STUDIO has been established by a team of people with shared minds and visions in incubating NFT Game projects and metaverses, mostly consisting of game design experts and passionate individuals to turn Dark Land Survival into the next big name in the industry. Please click here to meet all Dark Land team members:

And Dark Land strong community channels:



Telegram Announcement Channel:​

Telegram Group Chat:​



Facebook Page:​


For more information about Dark Land Survival, please read more in their pitch deck HERE

What can we expect from this MochiLab X Dark Land Survival partnership in the future?

Like other collaborations before, with this partnership, MochiLab is going to support and boost marketing & communications on all channels of both Mochi and Dark Land Survival, thereby expanding our community network. Besides, in this partnership, Mochi is going to support Dark Land Survival to start their IDO on MochiPad on March 25th, advise Dark Land Survival on blockchain strategies or selling their NFTs (if any).

MochiLab is thrilled to have partnered with Dark Land Survival. As our mission and vision in NFT World, MochiLab is not only a strategic partner but also a significant incubator for Dark Land Survival. Our collaboration includes the following activities:

  • IDO Support
  • Community expansion
  • Cross-Marketing

Let’s give more support for our partner Dark Land Survival in their upcoming IDO on MochiPad. Thank you so much!

Stay tuned for more information about us and be ready for our upcoming big events following that.

MochiLab x Dark Land Survival

Together we go to the moon!!


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In upcoming days, MochiLab will boost our interaction on existing channels to create more practical values for the community, on the other hand, expand new channels such as Tiktok, Youtube…

Let’s look forward to our next information!

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