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Predicting: GameFi 2022 development trends of game publishers, what should we do to take advantage?

GameFi 2022 development trends of game publishers, what should we do to take advantage?

If 2020 stands out with the DeFi summer, in 2021, the crypto market will wave with the keywords “GameFi”, “play-to-earn” along with the launch of a series of blockchain game products. However, in the last months of 2021 and early 2022, the seemingly overheated development of GameFi plus the large adjustment of the general market has covered a dark color on GameFi in particular and the whole market in general. In 2022, what will be the development trend of GameFi products, what should players do to optimize profits? In today’s article, MochiLab will help you find out the answers to the above questions.

1. A Brief History of GameFi

GameFi has been around since the years of 2017 before exploding strongly in mid-2021. The most typical of them can be mentioned Crypto Kitties, which used to have such a large number of players that it sometimes clogged the Ethereum network. With early games like Crypto Kitties, the in-game economy was in its infancy, with users benefiting from collecting and selling items in exchange for ETH.

In 2021, with the pioneering game of Axies Infinity in designing and creating an in-game economy, with a very attractive token reward mechanism that has attracted a lot of players around the world to participate. In some countries like the Philippines, even playing Axies Infinity has become a money-making business during the wave of the covid-19 epidemic. With GameFi of 2021, we not only make money by selling items, but also through fighting, taking attendance …

2. GameFi’s limitations

  • Performance: Scaling is still a headache for many blockchain networks. As there are more and more users, current blockchain networks have not shown the ability to accommodate a large number of users at the same time as traditional centralized systems, typically there have been many incidents. Some different blockchain networks are congested, or even stopped working for a period of time. There have been a number of solutions to help games running on blockchain avoid the general congestion of the whole network such as building a part in a centralized server, or processing data on the sidechain (like axie’s ronins did). has partly solved the performance problem, but there are many potential security risks.
  • Too much focus on the “earn” factor: The gameplay mechanics of many GameFi products are still focusing on how users “earn” and also how to attract users to their products. Products with a higher chance of making a profit will be prioritized by users. In terms of gameplay, the way to interact with the game is still quite monotonous when compared to traditional games (people often call it click-to-earn).
  • Inflationary

3. GameFi Development Trends 2022

GameFi, after what it has gone through and achieved, has become a large growing segment of the crypto market like DeFi. It must be affirmed, GameFi will develop even more in the future, not merely a short-term trend of the market. The stockpile in the past is a way to purge low-quality projects and is also a period to make improvements to make the game more and more perfect.

As mentioned above, current GameFi products still have some shortcomings, and these will be the things that game developers need to improve in this 2022.

To make the game more harmonious, both earning and fun, GameFi products improve gameplay, have more difficulty and challenge for users instead of most of them clicking to make money like now. The big players in the traditional game development industry such as GameLoft, EA, Tencent… have also started to pay attention to this fertile GameFi market. It would be great if we could play traditional games on the blockchain platform.

The tokenomics mechanism of some games has also revealed major weaknesses when operating such as the failure to control inflation… Typically, the game Axies Infinity has also released an update to the game mechanism to avoid the SLP token being lost. Inflation and price continued to decline, helping this token to grow again when it pretty much limited the creation of new tokens in the game.

For players, GameFi will still be a fertile ground for profit in the market. With many games that do not need a large initial capital when playing the game, it will be very suitable for many players with a small capital. It is necessary to choose for yourself reputable games, to avoid encountering scam games, cakes … which waste time and money.

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