I am the prey, an empathic soul and he was my hunter, a narcissist.

I remember the day we met up for our first date after talking online for some time. He was shorter than I thought he would be. He had blue eyes, was wearing jewelry, had tattoos, had on a button-down white shirt, black slacks and work boots. I remember the workboots because they were worn down from scuffs and covered in tiny splatters of paint. It showed me how hard he worked and how much he was trying to impress me by dressing up. At the restaurant, we sat over dinner and a bottle of wine. He poured his heart and soul over our meal and admitted through tears in his eyes that he had just lost his brother to suicide, and as he uttered those words, I gently pushed my hand across the table and grasped his in mine and told him it would be okay, a few days later like children we were suddenly a couple. And a couple of months later like teenagers, I moved in with him. It was overwhelmingly fast, and as I think back now, I can’t remember how or why it happened that way.

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Bonnielee Cuevas is an Author and a Healer helping single women find freedom through holistic healing and self-love. She is an avid volunteer and speaker and has been seen on ADWEEK, Fashion School Daily, BuzzFeed, Tiny House Magazine, Tiny House Podcast, Tiny House Summit, Volup 2 Magazine & more.

Bonnielee Cuevas has lived an incredible life full of wanderlust and minimalist dreams come true. For almost 1/2 a decade she ditched conventionalism, built and lived in a tiny house on a 15-acre off-grid homestead in the majestic mountains of Tennessee 2000 feet above elevation with her former partner and son. In 2018 after her and her partner parted ways she left the tiny house homesteading lifestyle and took some time to heal. She continues to homeschool and raise her son (the light of her life) and pursues part-time travel as a wanderlust enthusiast.


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