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Artists of MODA — Jack Megraw

We’ve been working in the background for a few months on developing upcoming talent and giving them the tools to express their creativity. We’ve awarded standout creatives with a grant to fund a project they’d like to build and are investing time into their growth as they endeavor further into their careers.

Learn more about the artists venturing into the world of Music3, their journeys, stories, thoughts, and opinions. This is the Artist Grants Spotlight!

Today we meet Jack Megraw, Artist, Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Engineer, and Performer.

Jack Megraw has spent the last 5 years cultivating and personifying his life through music.

By combining catchy melodies with soft upbeat tones, Jack brings the personal experiences he’s undergone to a new level with genre-defying sounds. Producing almost his entire catalog himself, with heavy influence from the world of Hip Hop and RnB, these two iconic genres are seamlessly melded together to bring you the complete listening experience.

Hailing from the small town of Redland Bay in Brisbane, Australia, Jack has had to work his way from the bottom — building relationships and foundations that would soon launch him not only into a career in legacy music but also into the exciting Music3 space.

Can you tell our followers and us how you first got into music?

Music has always been an essential part of my life. Since I was little, I have been putting mini-concerts on for my family and playing guitar. I think that love of the stage and attention really gripped me and inspired me to grow as a musician as I got older.

How have you engaged with or explored blockchain tech and NFTs?

My involvement with blockchain so far has been limited but exciting. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a great team of people who have shown me new ways to put out music and connect with fans globally. A few months ago, I felt I had enough knowledge and confidence to release my first song, ‘Curve’ on Polygon!

Are there any artists whose sounds have influenced you heavily?

Honestly, I think I have a very unique sound. Growing up, I listened to a lot of Justin Bieber, which inspired my pop roots. However, as I got older, the world of Hip Hop and RnB really took over my playlists — I gained lots of influence from Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye West, and Travis Scott.

What is your first step with the MODA artist grant?

The first step with the MODA artist grant was to create an entirely new business model that made accessibility, communication, and the release of my music NFTs as simple as possible. For the past 2 months, my team and I have worked tirelessly to bring ‘Jack’s Base’ to life. Here we can allow holders of Audio NFT’s and $MODA tokens to participate in opportunities such as exclusive music releases, merch drops, and more!

What are your plans for the rest of 2022?

My plans for the rest of 2022 look to be all about the community — my supporters. ‘Jack’s Base’ will soon be launching with a community growth initiative kicking everything off. After my Genesis Membership Pass release, we will be engaging in a series of content drops, such as my audio NFT single claim (FREE for Genesis Membership Holders) and a full-scale Blockchain EP. I couldn’t be more excited for the rest of this year!

Now that you’ve met Jack, we encourage you to get amongst his community and support him. You can find all of Jack’s important links here:




MODA DAO is a decentralised technology network and community. Designed for the metaverse and the play-to-earn era, MODA is dedicated to the adoption of Web3 in the music industry via NFTs, micro-licensing, DAO governance and DeFi.

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