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Music3 by MODA DAO

BRUX: I’m Back — The MODA Genesis drop

MODA has created a format for encoding audio data called Genesis Audio NFTs. This format uses a proprietary algorithm to stamp a song’s sonic data into the NFT. This allows for the creation of releases that have been analyzed and documented through on-chain data, encoding each piece of music’s unique provenance as an instantly identifiable recording. Each NFT comes with a visualization of the encoded data.

We are proud to have worked with emerging electronic artist BRUX to drop her unreleased demo track “I’m Back” onto Ethereum main-net through our Genesis framework, on a fully artist-owned contract.

This was an exciting project for us because it gave us the opportunity to explore new creative frontiers in the world of blockchain-based music. Working with BRUX, we were able to create a truly unique and innovative experience for fans and music lovers alike.

The track “I’m Back” is a thumping, high-energy piece that is sure to get your blood pumping. The demo of “I’m Back” is now available for minting through and to stream for NFT owners through

Celebrate the migration of music into the Web3 world by collecting the first and only Web3 Genesis from BRUX.

Additional Genesis tracks will drop as new releases arrive.

“I’m Back” is available to mint now.

Free Open Editions

To celebrate the return of collectible music we’re giving away open editions! If you know the drill, claim for free (you just pay gas), or click here to be emailed a beginner’s music collection guide.

Promo Copies

Promo Editions can be seen as the official pre-release audio for the songs you love. With cultural links back to the golden age of crate-digging, these limited edition digital copies are for collectors, music lovers, and industry people alike.

Audio Genesis

One-of-one Audio Genesis tracks contain a digital audio-fingerprint, capturing the moment in time that these iconic songs are birthed into the world. Audio Genesis copies are strictly limited to one per track, and each copy unlocks an audio-reactive, interactive digital art piece that is yours forever.



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