Music3 by MODA DAO
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Music3 by MODA DAO


Teams are invited to participate in challenges delivering build/MVP or design of experience, MODA DAO provides extra prize money for music industry solutions.

MODA is an Innovate 2021 sponsor

We are generating data at a rapid pace. It is so exponential that today’s Web2.0 centralised cloud storage solutions will not be able to scale or provide the experience we need in the future.

IPFS is a decentralised web protocol for sharing data quickly and easily. Filecoin, built on top of IPFS supports storing data long-term via on-chain deals. Together, they will enable us to break free from centralised services while conveniently allowing us to enjoy the same luxuries of speed and guaranteed storage that centralised services would bring.

This challenge is seeking innovators to design UX and/or develop functionality that takes advantage of these new decentralised, verifiable data possibilities. Technologists and designers will need to solve cyber risk management in the future, the verifiable nature of the IPFS protocols in the Filecoin distributed network has the potential to deliver next generation trusted data storage solutions.

MODA DAO is please to be a sponsor of the event, and to offer bonus prize money for the best hackathon entry with a music industry application.

To sign up, fill out this type form here. You’ll be required to submit a video explaining your interest around participating in the Hackathon — this will be a crucial step!

Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you a welcome email with an onboarding process to best prepare you for the Hackathon.

If you’d like to learn more about the rules, prizes (up to $55k in FIL to be won), timeline, etc, you can click through to this link. If you have any questions or would like to chat with the team, you can find us on Discord.



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MODA DAO is defining the future of music ownership, distribution and publishing via NFT standards, decentralised governance and automated finance.