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MODA Genesis: Our New York Launch

The impact of MODA at NFT NYC

We unveiled the MODA Genesis NFT technology at our June 21st, 2022, Live Launch party in front of 5,000 people. With this new protocol, artists can create, fingerprint, and mint their entire digital music catalog as NFTs from the moment they first interact with the owned web. We have now entered an era where collectibility and usability-focused tech is enabling a seamless, artist-centric way to distribute and consume music. This is crucial for the music industry to embrace and thrive in the new digital age.

NFT NYC was a milestone for MODA and Emanate. It was the first time that we exhibited our products’ true strength and technological achievements at a significant tech launch, and it was a great success.

Over the past 5 years, first with and then with MODA, we have been building towards a new vision for a fair, equitable, and technologically forward music ecosystem, one that brings all the players together on an even field instead of pitting managers, labels, artists, fans, publishers and producers against each other.

Through proprietary Audio Fingerprinting technology, MODA has produced the first genuine Genesis Audio NFTs. Each Genesis NFT is a document of music data encoded on the blockchain, recording each composition’s unique origins as a distinct recording. Every NFT is accompanied by a visualization of the encoded data.

Genesis NFTs offer a way to create a new relationship between artists and fans, one that is built on trust, transparency, and collaboration instead of exploitation. With NFTs, artists can finally take control of their careers while being fairly compensated for their work.

The first Genesis technology drops happened live during Own Your Music with unreleased music from Noizu and Brux.

I’m Back — BRUX | MODA Genesis Drop

Makes Me Move — Noizu | MODA Genesis Drop

Tracks from deadmau5, Chris Lake, and other artists will be released in the coming weeks.

Following NYC, we have had some fantastic conversations with music professionals worldwide, and we look forward to continuing those relationships in the future.

Our focus now is on building out the additional products that will fill out our vision for digital music — including enabling more artists to release their own music on their own Genesis contracts, unveiling our metaverse nightclub V3RSE, and deepening Emanate and MODA’s tech integration to make the products more user-friendly and valuable for everyone.

The MODA team has been working for years to build a revolutionary platform that gives artists more control over their careers and more ownership over their futures. With our Genesis tech, we’ve reached the summit of that journey and built a community of music industry veterans, sound engineers, cryptographers, and developers working together to create a new digital music ecosystem.



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