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MODA x mau5trap: the V3RSE party

Our We Are Friends event recap | September 2022

Last week, we welcomed the mau5trap community into our Decentraland nightclub, V3RSE! The event was open to We Are Friends, MODA, mau5trap, and Emanate community members and featured music performances by Roby, Kasablanca, and NERO in a cutting-edge, virtual venue.

The party quickly became a trending event on Decentraland, pushing servers to the max with engagement as our communities came together, partied, and experienced a new level of live-digital music. As the party went live, we launched our mint of the exclusive deadmau5 track XYZ, remixed by NERO.

We launched the first-ever V3RSE totem to commemorate the event, a WAF x MODA collaborative ravestick. We airdropped it to participants, marking a pivotal moment (and collectible souvenir) for both V3RSE and MODA.

WAF Ravestick

The excitement could be felt as all corners of the globe danced, mingled, and cheered on their favorite artists. The mau5trap community took over the dance floor, while attendees who owned limited edition MODA wearables accessed exclusive VIP areas.

Towards the night’s end, NERO took to the stage to close the event with an epic DJ set that left everyone buzzing after an unforgettable experience.

V3RSE is a metaverse-based warehouse built through Decentraland that will facilitate virtual concerts and events with world-class artists. V3RSE consists of 2 rooms, with plans to expand to 4 levels (including a rooftop level), where users can move through and experience multiple rooms with concurrent concerts and events. It features a virtual NFT art gallery and exclusive zones where visitors can explore the Metaverse, meet other fans, and dance the night away.

The V3RSE schedule is starting to heat up, and we will be bringing new artists to perform and party in the Metaverse soon…



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