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Music3 by MODA DAO

MODA’s Music3 Live Launch; Explained

MODA DAO x Emanate present a new vision for digital music

Technology is forcing a seismic shift within the music ecosystem; we’re witnessing the birth of a USD 1 Trillion immersive media market, where owned media and digital music will re-emerge as the core of an artist’s discography. To make this shift a reality, MODA is releasing a new framework for Collectible Digital Music; It’s the Music3 framework.

Own Your Music is our Live Launch party on June 21st, 2022. The audience will see the launch of the MODA Genesis NFT technology, a new protocol for creating, fingerprinting, and minting digital music. This will enable artists to develop and own their entire digital music catalog as NFTs from the moment a piece first makes contact with the owned web. Not to mention, apps like Emanate that support NFT streaming can be seamlessly connected, bringing us into an era where collectibility meets usability.

Last-minute tickets and token gated access:

BRUX / / MODA Genesis Release Collaborator

MODA has created the most authentic Genesis Audio NFT format using a proprietary Audio Fingerprinting algorithm to stamp a song’s sonic data into the NFT. Genesis NFTs are releases that have been analyzed and documented through on-chain data, encoding each piece of music’s unique provenance as an instantly identifiable recording. A visualization of the encoded data accompanies each NFT.

The Brooklyn Mirage

The audience will have a chance to see this data-driven visualization live on the Brooklyn Mirage’s 85m screen as they bid on unreleased tracks.

At the Mirage on June 21, we will be minting and auctioning the first releases live and displaying their audio fingerprinting data as a fully immersive visualization blending art, data and music into a seamless experience.

The first drops will happen live during Own Your Music with unreleased music from Noizu and Brux. This will be the first time ever that previously unheard music can be claimed for free within a live show. Tracks from deadmau5, Chris Lake, and a range of other artists will drop in the coming weeks.

Own Your Music at the Brooklyn Mirage is not just a party; it’s not just a show. It’s the nexus of 5 years of development, design, disruption, and deep music knowledge.

10% of primary and secondary sales and royalties will go into the MODA network to buy back tokens and support the development of the ecosystem through MODA grants.

Noizu: Makes Me Move Promo and Collector Genesis releases

At the framework’s core, Creator Genesis NFTs will exist as a receipt of creation designed to be held by the artist or rights holder.

Creator Genesis pieces are not intended to be sold; in the future, artists may use them to manage rights or transfer ownership. As we continue to develop tools for digital music, we are taking a modular approach that will enable us to apply our unique paradigm to multiple areas of music, from distribution to publishing.

In addition to Creator Genesis NFTs, we will provide tooling to assist artists in releasing:

A Collectable Genesis track which represents the moment a song is born into the world, like a first-press vinyl capturing a collectible sonic data moment

  • 1/1
  • Straight from the studio into the MODA-developed audio fingerprinting engine sealed on-chain.
  • Auctioned to the highest bidder / biggest fan on a custom site
  • Generated artwork based on the track’s unique frequency; exclusive and unique to the genesis.

Pre-release Promo NFTs designed for superfans, influencers, and music industry promoters

  • 100–1,000
  • These are focused on the industry and superfans and would be sold from $30-$100 per copy.
  • These could be sold directly on a marketplace or through a credit card gateway.
  • The artwork would reflect the official single visual.
  • These could also be gifted or dropped to promo the song to DJs, Radio, or any other tastemakers.

Open Edition NFT music releases a guide to the various platforms for NFT-based music releases and tooling built by MODA.

  • 1000+ or unlimited
  • These are focused on the superfan and would be sold from $5-$10 per copy
  • These could be sold directly on a marketplace or through a credit card gateway.
  • The artwork would reflect the official single visual.
  • Streamable via NFT-supported streaming platforms like

Through audio fingerprinting, we are preserving artists’ intellectual property and marking the “genesis” moment the source — the artist themself, first mints a piece of music. This enables a new level of provenance, transparency, and trust for the entire music ecosystem.

We will be opening the technology up to the developer community, and introducing a developer program supported by MODA grants, to foster and grow the adoption of our audio fingerprinting. We welcome input from and collaboration with the blockchain community, and we see a significant opportunity to leverage the open-source ethos of the space to push audio fingerprinting technology forward in a joint enterprise between passionate developers and artists.

Our Genesis technology represents the culmination of a journey that began with a vision to create a new way for artists to control their careers and own their destinies. At MODA, we have grown a community of music industry veterans, sound engineers, cryptographers, and developers who are pursuing the shared goal of envisioning a new era for digital music.

In the months to come, MODA will be releasing V3RSE, our metaverse nightclub, where we will be live-dropping new Genesis releases in an immersive and cutting-edge digital space.

If you’re an artist who is interested in utilizing the Genesis framework, you can register your interest here!



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