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Music3 by MODA DAO

Satterthwaite & De Marco join MODA DAO

We’re excited to announce two incredible new members of the MODA DAO family. Industry heavyweights Steve Satterthwaite and Justin De Marco are joining the MODA mission to bring decentralization to the music industry, building the foundation for a vibrant new ecosystem. The two recruits have caught onto the Music3 movement taking over the entire music industry and have put their hands up to build a better path forward.

The new members represent the growing depth of MODA’s community, bringing together creators, fans, labels, and managers in a shared collaboration that crosses boundaries and joins technological and blockchain-based innovation with a willingness to ask difficult questions and embrace challenging answers.

“I’m excited to be joining MODA DAO. I was attracted to the team’s ambitious vision for how Web3 can transform the music industry by bringing fans, artists, managers and other stakeholders together to integrate our existing music industry infrastructure into this new paradigm. I look forward to working with MODA DAO to implement this vision.” — Justin De Marco

MODA’s platform enables its members and community to create the blueprint for blockchain music success. Collaborations from artists such as deadmau5 and technology that unlocks audio fingerprinting for on-chain music are just some of the accomplishments that are rolling out in 2022.

Satterthwaite and De Marco have been rolling out web3 strategy amongst their willing clients. Notably with roster artist and crypto veteran Gramatik who has been working on a variety of web/music3 projects and co-creating a generative audio NFT project.

“Excited to be part of the journey into Web3 with MODA DAO. Already web3 is disrupting and providing a platform for a new shift in how music rights owners, artists and fans can not only coexist but participate together in a much more connected way. The MODA DAO family is every growing with some of the most forward-thinking folks in the business, I’m happy to be in this movement with them all.” — Steve Satterthwaite

More About Steve Satterthwaite

Steve Satterthwaite is a managing partner at Red Light Management and currently heads up the company’s Electronic Division which is home to some of the biggest global names in dance music — Odesza, Bonobo, Duke Dumont, Borgore, GRiZ, Bob Moses, Clozee, Subtronics, Hayden James, Anti-Up, LSDREAM, Cedric Gervais, Big Wild and many more. He is also the co-founder of Hit Command, a sister company of Red Light Management that connects the worlds of music and gaming.

More About Justin De Marco

Justin De Marco is Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy at Red Light Management. In his role, he has been leading Web3 strategy for the company’s Electronic Division among many other responsibilities. Red Light Management is the world’s largest independent management company. Their roster includes notable acts, including Dave Matthews Band, ODESZA, Duke Dumont, Lionel Richie the list goes on.

About MODA

MODA DAO is a community-powered by blockchain technology, paving the way to make the technology usable, sustainable and valuable.



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