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Music3 by MODA DAO

The Next 100 Days

The past 100 days have been huge. We’ve seen the MODA partners and community come together to launch the token, and take a huge leap towards Music3; our mission of creating a fully decentralized music ecosystem. We are grateful for the support we’ve received, and we must all strive to keep the community in mind as we continue work.

Let’s take a look at the next 100 days as MODA moves from a launch team-led effort to a community-led project that will engage MODA holders in the collective vision.

The following 30-day ‘Sprints’ are not just about technical production, but also as a frame of reference for the MODA community more broadly:

Days 1–30

16 December 2021 to 15 January 2022

Our first focus is streamlining and refining our operations. We have already put in place a number of measures to improve our efficiency and support the DAO’s growth and capabilities, and we will continue to do so. This involves not only streamlining our existing processes but also taking a fresh look at how we can do things better.

Second, we are looking to grow our ops capacity. We are resourcing, budgeting for our hiring roadmap, and completing our vision setting. We want to make sure that we are well-positioned as we scale into a full DAO and deliver on our product roadmap.

Third, we are focused on delivering an incredible user experience. We have put a lot of thought into the design of our product and how we can make it easy for people to use. We want to make sure that anyone, regardless of their technical experience, can participate in MODA — and that means every single member of the DAO itself.

Specifically, we’re looking to hire:

- Content producers

- Community managers

- Solidity developers

- Project managers

- UI/UX designers

We’ll be releasing full job descriptions soon, and we’d obviously love to hire from within the DAO!

Audio fingerprint MVP completion

Our Audio fingerprinting is a key part of our plan to democratize music. It will help us to identify and track any musical work, whether it is a song or an album. This will make it much easier for artists to get the credit they deserve and to be paid fairly for their work.

The magic of this technology is the ability to automatically recognize similar songs, whether it’s a remix, a mashup, or a version attempting monetization without copyright.

Off the back of this fingerprinting work, we are offering up the ability for artists to sell ‘Genesis NFTs’ that captures the moment the song is born into the word and onto the blockchain for the first time. We’ll be completing work on our MVP shortly, and we want to showcase a preview video demo of the product in action.

“Path to DAO Governance” roadmap

The DAO governance roadmap is designed to provide a clear path for how the DAO will be transitioned from an ops-run organization to a proper DAO where all key decision-making will be performed through on-chain governance. There is no rulebook for DAO creation yet, and we expect some sharp corners and rough edges as we go. But from that, we will all learn, and artists on the MODA journey may be able to apply the learnings to their own DAO-type communities in the future.

Our first step is to outline the actions that will be taken to develop the DAO’s governance framework to ensure that it is effective and efficient, and that premature onchain voting doesn’t endanger the DAO in its formative stages.

The governance framework will be based on the principles of collective decision-making, meritocracy, and transparency. The goal is to provide a system that is fair and equitable, while also being efficient and effective.

The Path to DAO Governance will include the following elements:

  • A consensus of DAO mission and values
  • Role of MODA Foundation vs MODA DAO
  • Voting Mechanisms
  • Governance Structure
  • Token thresholds

Sustainability is crucial for the success of the DAO, knowing that the long-term success of the organization and community will be dependent on the ability of the DAO to bring about change in a lasting and meaningful way.

There is no “silver bullet” — any successful DAO will require the participation and involvement of a large number of people. MODA is an open, participatory organization, and we believe that the more people who participate in the DAO the better.

A bit of fun…

It’s not all smart contracts and hard work! Keep an eye out for our MetaVerse Flash Mobs where MODA members who show up with our DCL wearables will be in the running for spot prizes including MODA tokens and other NFTs.

Days 30–60

January / February 2022

Our second sprint is focused on delivering the technological products and services that will become the Music3 toolkit for every artist looking to launch their career in blockchain music. Specifically, our release of genesis audio, fingerprinting and the NFT aggregator will mark a huge milestone in NFT music, rights management, and on-chain commercialization.

But going deeper into the tokenomics that underpin the MODA ecosystem, we’ll be delivering MODA Staking rewards and MODA liquidity mining, offering direct utility to the MODA token, and furthering its position as the keystone of the Music3 infrastructure. We know that this is a huge priority for people who have invested in MODA, and we’re excited to make sure we are continuing to hit our roadmap and unlock the full capability of the token itself.

To sum it up, our second sprint is about making huge strides forward in developing Music3 into a reliable framework for Web3 music artists.

Specific deliverables:

  • Music3 Blueprint release
  • Pilot genesis audio releases
  • Audio fingerprinting preview
  • NFT aggregator pilot
  • MODA Staking rewards
  • MODA liquidity mining
Placeholder staking UI

Days 60–100

February / March 2022

Our third 30-day sprint will formulate the DAO and its relation to the outside world. A final version of our Governance code and proposal will be presented, and necessary preparations will be made for future voting upgrades as we shape community projects.

We will bring the first on-chain votes to the DAO members, offering them a choice on how they would like to see the DAO grow. This will be an important step in our DAO’s development and we know that it is crucial to involve our members in key decisions.

We will also work on a governance dashboard, which will be necessary for the DAO’s operation. In addition to the gradual transfer of autonomy to the DAO itself, we will be releasing DropCase details and a publicly available release of the NFT aggregator.

Specific deliverables:

  • Governance proposal
  • NFT aggregator Release 1
  • MODA DropCase proposal
  • First on-chain votes
  • Community Music3 Tools

The journey has officially begun, but MODA DAO has an incredible road ahead.

The launch team and partners are working on the Music3 tools so that the whole community can start building modern music careers on top of it. We are also dedicated to making sure MODA’s benefits will be available for all artists regardless of their experience or location.



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