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Music3 by MODA DAO

Tokensoft to host MODA DAO governance token launch

MODA DAO is the music industry Web3 (Music3) DAO focused on bringing the music industry to blockchain, and blockchain to the music industry in ways that have never been seen before. With liquidity mining, DAO voting, and NFT aggregator and NFT Streaming in the roadmap, the future is bright for Audio NFTs.

ERC20 DAO Membership and Governance Tokens

$MODA is the native membership and governance token of MODA DAO. Its primary purpose is for voting and the alignment of incentives within the Music3 ecosystem with additional utility coming into play as the MODA network responds to industry needs. If you are a Web3 audio creator or collector, this is your chance to help build MODA DAO from the ground up.

MODA Token details

How to participate

  • Registration with TokenSoft opens at 5 pm est on November 16th, 2021
  • You will be asked to KYC. U.S.A residents and citizens are NOT eligible to participate. We also cannot accept participants from North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iran, Ukraine and China.
  • A shortlist of long-time MODA supporter emails will be given to TokenSoft for a private round on the 23rd of November.
  • All eligible participants will be able to queue for the public sale. Eligibility is dependent on KYC status and geographic restrictions. Each user that queues up prior to the start of the public sale will be assigned an equal probability of participation. The sale will continue until the maximum allocation is sold out

About Tokensoft

Tokensoft is a coinbase-backed, KYC compliant, tokensale platform with over 300,000 registered participants, who have raised over $360 million USD for 50+ projects now valued at over $50 billion. Previous projects include Avalanche, Acala, Moonbeam, The Graph and Synthetix.



MODA DAO is a decentralised technology network and community. Designed for the metaverse and the play-to-earn era, MODA is dedicated to the adoption of Web3 in the music industry via NFTs, micro-licensing, DAO governance and DeFi.

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MODA DAO is defining the future of music ownership, distribution and publishing via NFT standards, decentralised governance and automated finance.