Biggest project yet!

Daniel Fortuyn
Aug 23, 2017 · 2 min read

We are really excited to announce that last month we have completed and finalized our biggest project yet. In total our team has worked about a full year on it and it is by several measures the first project of it’s kind in the Netherlands.

Sadly enough, we can not tell you what the project was about :(. For now we primarily want to share some of the awesome facts this project has recorded so far.

Looking at sheer scale, this is the largest project we have ever dealt with. One team of five designers and front-, and backend developers have worked in about thirty, two week sprints on this project. This excludes several external specialists and advisers.

The scale of this project transcends the development phase, even in production this project easily has the highest continuous load we have ever seen. Around five thousand concurrent active sessions. All day, every day. Furthermore, on the first day of its release, more than two hundred thousand people interacted with our project. This is significant because usually these type of web applications tend to scale up gradually, while this was a huge and sudden load on our servers. In fact it greatly exceeded the most optimistic approximations of this project.

From the people that interacted with our application on the first day about 60% converted to the target page. By all measures a stellar conversion rate. As this was a hard launch for a timed project, it meant that more than one hundred thousand individuals converted. On the first day.

Combining those factors we are incredibly proud to mention that none of the individuals that interacted with our project experienced any downtime, errors or slowness in general.

In the upcoming weeks we hope to be able to share some additional details. Although for now it seems like we will not be able to share any additional information. For now please stay tuned to our blog, hit the subscribe button and we will keep you up to date in this very exciting time for our company.



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