HIMSS17 Recap: Patient-Centered Themes

Every year the HIMSS conference is a gathering place for great minds in healthcare. It provides the opportunity to hear the latest industry trends and rub shoulders with innovative folks who are doing some really cool things.

I was a first-time attendee at HIMSS 2017 and saw the industry overtake Orlando first hand. For me, that initial feeling of walking into the massive Exhibit Hall for the first time (quite overwhelming!) quickly shifted to a deep interest in the innovations and improvements happening in healthcare technology today.

Many themes emerged, but my main takeaway was with the patient-focused initiatives gaining traction. Providers are taking a deep look into improving patient satisfaction and making progress. The plethora of new and improved Connected Health devices and healthcare IoT innovations continue to lead to better informed physicians and patients. We are getting closer to solving interoperability issues.

And the exciting thing is that there is great energy in continual improvements in the patient experience. I left HIMSS 2017 feeling that patients will be better served as a result of innovations and technology advances in HIT. More specifically, patient satisfaction improvements and many connected health device on display reflect the positive momentum in the industry.

Patient Satisfaction

As we move closer to value-based care, patient satisfaction is at the top of the list for all providers. The good news is that everyone is thinking about this. But based on audience responses and questions in sessions I attended, many organizations realize they need to improve, but implementing ideas have been slow or non-existent.

Mason Beard, Harm Scherpbier, and Stephanie Kovalick spoke on a “Consumer-based Healthcare Approach” and how taking a patient partnership approach drives quality and outcomes. These conversations need to continue in order to produce results, so it was encouraging to hear different perspectives on patient satisfaction initiatives. The audience Q&A portion of the session reflected the concern in the industry, and the speakers provided real examples of successes they’ve experienced.

Connected Health and Healthcare IoT

Related to patient satisfaction, connected health and the integration of wearables better equips us all with valuable data. The countless number of connected health devices on display in the Exhibit Hall reflects the competitive nature of this sector of healthcare. It also reveals the power each person can have at their finger tips to constantly monitor health.

The Intelligent Health Pavilion showcased some really cool technologies and provided insight to the future the Internet of Things within the smart home. It will be wonderful to see many of these things come to fruition.


The direction we are headed is exciting. The conference was a great place to experience so many of these things coming together. Seeing the potential of system communication in the Interoperability Showcase was positive. Speaking with innovative companies who are providing patient transparency is encouraging. Getting a picture of our healthcare future increases my faith in our industry.

At Modea, we help healthcare organizations visualize and achieve their longer term roadmap of bringing the digital health care consumer experience to life. We have a strong practice of combining project management, software engineering, user experience, and analytics to deliver digital applications. This is why I enjoy my work and am excited about the future of healthcare.

Originally published at www.modea.com.

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