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Colleges and Universities are Not What They Used to Be. Should You Bother Going?

University teaching is broken

The teaching methods used in education have remained static. You would think with the world of work constantly changing, the teaching would too have changed considerably to keep up. They haven’t. Providers are still more focused on a student’s education experiences, rather than their career to come, and in an age of increasing fees and commoditization, that’s the wrong direction.

University leaves graduates under skilled

There is a great disconnect between students and jobs. McKinsey’s Education for Employment survey found that 74% of providers think graduates leave university prepared for an entry-level position. While only 35% of employers are under this same immersion. Graduates themselves aren’t impressed either, with a mere 38% answering positively to the same question.

What should be done?

How can we get back to a time where university is worth going to?

Shift of finance

When a kid comes out of high school and is considering going to university, that’s a big financial decision. You’re signing up for what can in cases be a lifetime of debt and in return getting not much to show for it other than a piece of paper. There needs to be a model which ensures students can actually make a ROI within 5, 10, maybe 20 years.

Realign courses to the industry

A new alignment needs to be seen between what the student is studying, and what the employer wants to see. This is something which has fallen off greatly. Students are still getting taught stuff that was relevant 20 years ago but is not today.

Look at the broader picture

Universities should be looking to embed a lifelong learning approach into students, rather than sustaining the sense that learning stops when you graduate.

In Conclusion

Universities need to wake up and adapt some of these changes. Any which does would steal a great competitive edge, by giving learners, and organizations offerings that actually align to their needs.



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