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Ratchet Christmas Shopping At Walmart — A Tik-Tok Rap

Breaking Down A Hood Ass Holiday Season

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Photo by Intricate Explorer from Pexels

This is a breakdown of the lyrics from a Tik-Tok duet I did with Walmart and Kato On The Track. If you want to hear how these lyrics are intended to sound over the beat, check out the original video here and give me a follow!

Flip a couple pies from Pattie Labelle

If you haven’t tried Pattie Labelle’s Sweet Potato Pies, I highly recommend heading to Wally World and grabbing some before I eat them all.

Looking up the isle to grab me a Dell

I’m going to get a Dell computer. Maybe for someone else, maybe for myself.

Need to find a man for my aunt

My aunt is continuously criticizing my relationships yet remains single. Every holiday she whines about not being able to find a good man. This year, I’ll get her one from Walmart.

I wonder what kind she want

She claims to be single because she has standards but I think a lot of men just can’t stand her. HAAAAAAAA!

Was it Ken or Lamont

I should pick her up a Ken doll from the Barbie Doll toy collection since she wants to act childish. I don’t know who Lamont is but I’m sure I’ll run into him and keep him in mind as an alternative for her.

Isle 10, Isle 1

There’s too many damn isles and this is only the toy area.

Every stocking imma stuff

New bag for the class

Im going to get these kids what they need, not what they want. My little nephew has been using the same SpongeBob backpack for too damn long. He needs to grow up and get a Jansport.

Durag and a brush

I’m going to purchase a durag and a brush as stocking stuffers as well. These actually may end up being for me.

Candied yams in my hands

When my shorty wanna scram

When my girlfriend wants to steal a moment away, I’ll be having my favorite holiday dish of all. Candied YAMS. Heh.

Need a Beats Pill we still serving up the fam

I don’t want the whole fam to hear us doing the do, therefore I’ll be needing to play the Peanuts Christmas Soundtrack loud on my Beats Pill Speaker for at least a minute and a half.

So where them tiny ziplocks

These are the ziplocks of which I speak.

Package up the reef(a)

The “a” is silent.

See I’m decking every hall so it gotta be unique

This is going to be a special Christmas Holiday.

Spence The Modern Emcee is a freelance rap artist and writer. Custom rap songs can be made to order through his website or on Fiverr. Also check him out on Tik-Tok, Spotify, and Apple Music.



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