How much data professionals make in France: the MDN Annual Benchmark.

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3 min readJan 17, 2024

Learn how much data professionals make in France with the 2023 edition of the Modern Data Network Compensation Benchmark.

The Modern Data Network is a community of data professionals dedicated to help data teams make informed decisions. We bring together experts in France and facilitate the transparent sharing of experiences, technical implementations, and best organizational practices among our members.

In this article, we share publicly the results of the 2023 edition of our compensation benchmark.


Participants were instructed to position their company’s compensation across profiles rather than share their own compensation. This significantly increases the number of data points per respondent, at the risk of losing precision. On average, each respondent provided compensation data for 5 profiles.

We chose to limit the profiles to 5 “generic” categories represented in most data teams. Those 5 profiles are : data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, analytics engineers and managers. Today, many other profiles exist, such as ML Ops or Data PM. We were looking for profile denominations that are sufficiently represented to share averages. Realities obviously vary from one company to another.

Profiles overview

As always, methodological choices introduce some biases. Averages are calculated without weighting by company size, which in practice provides a more accurate representation from the employer’s perspective than from the employee’s perspective. We also suggested participating to receive the results.

Who participated in the benchmark?

The 2023 edition gathered 89 participants from the Modern Data Network representing 450 salary data points.

All are data professionals in France, operating in a wide range of industries, company size and maturity.

Survey participants by industry

Survey participants by company size

Survey participants by company age

Compensation Benchmark

Compensation in the table below is expressed in gross annual figures and includes bonuses.

** % bonus is an average including only responses with a strictly positive bonus.


We hope the 2023 edition of the Modern Data Network Compensation Benchmark will help talents and recruiters alike in the fast evolving data market.

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