Man Walks Across America — Meet 54 year old Maverick Kevin

Kevin’s a retired music teacher who’s spent the last two years walking across the continent by foot — Inspired by John Muir he’s on a trip without a time limit — aiming to publish a book on his walkabout

Published by Daniel Osterman — IG: @dan_osterman

Kevin and I in front of Coyote Coffee

Yesterday while at work a man walked up with a big 75 liter pack slugged on his shoulders — filled to the brim: “can I get a cup of coffee for a buck ninety-five” — a middle aged man with a beard, who wore a smile that crossed from ear to ear — asked?

I replied: “Absolutely — $1.75 my man ”— and passed his brew outside the window.

Meet the man who’s been walking across America

As time went on and the morning rush slowed it’s pace, I was able to step outside for a conversation with the curious fellah who’d just approached the shop.

His name is Kevin and he’s been walking across America for the past 2 years.

Kevin started in Virginia Beach, Virginia and walked to the southern most tip of the nation — criss-crossing his way across the country — with the final destination landing him in the northern most tip of Washington.

I asked Kevin what his inspiration for the journey had been and his response was “John Muir” — of which, there was nothing else to be said.

Maverick Minded

When I think of an individual who embodies the spirit of a Modern Day Maverick I think of Kevin.

He’s 54 “years-young” — a retired music teacher from somewhere east — If I recall he grew up in Chicago. He said he was an avid backpacker before the journey — I could feel the passion in his words.

He’s spent most of his time in campsites — but occasionally stumbled across a ranch and asked the tenants to camp for the night — in the past 2 years he has an unblemished score and has always found shelter.

Once a month he stays in a motel to do laundry — he checks his gear and uses his phone to update people on the journey. He’s writing a book and plans to publish it after he’s done.

His planned book title is “Another hippie tripping in the woods”— apparently it has something to do with a phrase his mother used to use in his Youth.

I’m always amazed at the connections people make to things — at the meaning we draw from memories.

A True Minimalist

He sat around charging his phone and eating some grub — the evening before he ate almonds and salmon jerky for dinner…and then again for breakfast. The iso-butane tank used to fuel his camp-stove was empty so he was unable to cook oatmeal.

I whipped him up a killer breakfast sandwich and went back to work while he sat in enjoyment. I wonder what a man thinks about while watching the pace of a society he left behind — he’s no longer slave to time or really anything material.

He said he’s — “learned how little he can live with, and how everything else is just luxury.”

The pack he carries weighs 45lbs and when asked how quick he’s able to break camp in the morning he said — “on a day I want to get up and moving I can do it in 15 minutes, but most of the time I’ll do it in 30.”

Apparently his most recent struggle is the loss of a sleeping bag compression sack. He was camping in the mountains on a windy day when the sack blew off a cliff and out of access — so he rolls the 30 degree temperature rated bag into the bottom of his hiking pack every morning.

He’s now somewhere on the coast of Northern California — likely trekking through the Redwoods somewhere along the coastal highway.

I enjoyed meeting Kevin! I’ve been living in a van for the past 9 months — so I’m no stranger to adventure.

I was tempted to load up my 40 liter Alchemist backpack and hit the road — taking my journey to the next level.

My Intention To Walk Through Fear

There are two fears that I view as a final frontier in my own life:

  1. Camping alone in the woods (nature)
  2. The water — more specifically large bodies of water that are excessively below my ability to touch bottom

Everything within me wants to let go of my belongings to trot the globe — that’s where my passion is — in exploration and connection with others.

We All Have A Unique Calling

Instead of joining my Maverick brother Kevin on his journey I’ve got a plan of my own. I too desire to explore the makings of our world — to see and feel the connection merged between man and nature, where we shed our humanness and enter into harmony with the environment around.

Today marks the big day of the Modern Day Mavericks Podcast

The show is about two young entrepreneurs striving to craft a Simple, Sustainable, and Adventurous lifestyle — for those who seek freedom through Adventure.

As mentioned I live in a van —but my friend (co-producer), his girlfriend and dog, all loaded up and drove west from Boston — in search of a more adventurous lifestyle.

I work as a Barista, wrestling coach, and do odd jobs:

  • House sit
  • Pet sit
  • Dog walking
  • Yard word and misc. tasks
  • Etc

Jason manages a Women’s Fitness Club

He recently traded in his truck to trick out a Ford Transit into a Mobile Adventure (podcast studio) van.

Both of us love nature — have a heart for others — and thrive in the hustle. Jason is a strategy man who’s always looking to optimize. I’m a dreamer — tending to fly ahead and believing in the best. Between the two of us you get a pretty solid vibe.

The sticking point is the transparency behind our words.

We’re opening our lives for the entire world to see — our personal lives, our finances, our goals — hopes and values — we’re putting our lives out here for everyone to see.

We’re not claiming to have the answers, we’re just eager to “learn.” I wanted to say “fail” but I’ve exiled that word from my dictionary — you get the point.

Show Up Daily — Keep Walking Forward

We know life is incremental — we’re prepared to go first and make mistakes — we’re investing and navigating the world of change in the face of the unknown. We can’t stand the guys who show the beginning and the end — wheres the meaningful work that created your life of freedom?

What was your first form of passive income? What were the fears and roadblocks you had to overcome to travel the world for the first time?

I want to know the steps it took you to go from A to B, to C through Z. In a world as confusing as today — we are aiming to provide value by crafting the new age American dream.

Mavericks are paving the way of the future — taking complex processes and striving to break them into simple strategies — after all, life in its rawest form requires nothing more than showing up day after day — life truly is simple — a fact well known to Kevin, yet lost among many of us.

Once we take ourselves out of the middle of the problem we’re able to look back on ourselves in an objective manor — truly taking stock of everything that matters — allowing us to progress through life with a smile on our faces and a weightless set of shoulders.

Good luck Kevin!

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