The Art of Fulfillment Lies in the Present — Where do you reside?

It takes a conscious effort to actively remain in the present moment, but the rewards are priceless!

A few of the angels

Written by: Dan Osterman

When I’m lost in thought, thinking about the future or remembering the past I’m not presently alive in the only thing that matters — this moment!

It’s a challenge — today the people who become successful are the ones who’re able to maximize time by staying focused on the task at hand; and if theres no task to be taken then the task is in staying present.

It’s difficult — I’m similar to my mom and Aunt who I’ve always accused of never stopping. As a kid I never understood how and why they pushed themselves from the moment they woke, to the moment they dropped in exhaustion.

I’m a few days away from being 27 and I find myself struggling with the same disease I grew up witnessing them fall victim to. I’m currently back in Michigan and doing my best to put “work” aside and spend more time living in the moment with the people around me. I’ve always been goal oriented — being a successful wrestler means I’ve lived a life striving toward accomplishment.

Ten months ago I moved into a van to chase my dreams of traveling the world, experiencing cultures vastly different from my own, and crafting a life from the foundation up.

I knew I didn’t want to join the soul sucking 9–5 lifestyle our country shoves down our throats, but aside from that I wasn’t sure what my future held. Since then I’ve been grinding and hustling, trying different things and experiencing mind expanding opportunities — we’ve only got one life to do this thing, so I’m all in on that!

It’s hard for me to slow down and hangout. As a kid I focused on wrestling because I knew it was my ticket out of the small town located in Mid-Michigan where I grew up. I trained, and I wrestled, and I competed.

Guess what…I got out! I reached the top 1% in the sport of wrestling! I climbed the mountain!

Somewhere along the way I’ve learned that “getting out” really isn’t the point. You can live a life of fulfillment without ever leaving home!

So while home I’ve been playing with my nieces and nephews rather than reading articles and working on “business stuff.” It isn’t easy because my goal in ten months is to sell the van and jump on a sailboat, beginning my round the world travels.

With a big life change coming in the near future it’s hard to live in the moment and enjoy the precious opportunity in front of me. The truth is I’m currently living 2,500 miles away from my birth family and friends; I typically come home every 6 months; and I believe shared experiences matter most — so living in the present is what I’m seeking to achieve.

I believe staying present and enjoying time with the people I love will pay dividends in the future. I live in a van 98% of the time so allocating 3 weeks back home to relax and enjoy time with family is a worthwhile investment, and one thats really important for anyone aiming to live a beautiful life.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far has been one of the mind — my desire to build a business and travel globally shifts into mental focus during times when I’m hanging with family — if I don’t put it in perspective and remember the joy I get from seeing my family it’s easy to become impatient and anxious thinking about all the “things I could be doing” to get closer to my goals.

But here’s the thing — life’s a gift and the most challenging aspect of our mental wellness shouldn’t be based on external accolades — rather it should be on maximizing the joy we’ve been freely given. What is it that brings you joy? It’s important to find balance in crafting the art of fulfillment!

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