Vanlife Stories — Entry 007

I find it fascinating how we’re constantly undergoing new personality shifts, which have the power to change reality.

13 September, 2017 — Daniel Osterman

I think one of the more fascinating things to ponder is the different selves we become over the years. Take my relationship to cannabis for example, I grew up thinking anyone who tried it was a pothead with no road ahead. I didn’t try my first sip of alcohol until my second month into college; and weed came much later — once my collegiate wrestling career was over.

After moving to California and researching the plant from benefits to potential health detriments I couldn’t find anything of merit to stop me from trying it. Since learning about Cannabis and the many health benefits it has I’ve grown to appreciate it’s natural abilities — especially in today’s modern age when we think man-made pills are the way to go; although they’re responsible for the most accidental deaths in America.

Guess how many people have died from Cannabis throughout our written history? ZERO

Look into Cannabis and why it’s illegal — we are being lied to by our own system; since the 1930’s propoganda has been brainwashing us into misguided information, but it’s time to gain clarity and spread the truth.

Real individuals are healing themselves; it pains me to know how many people are suffering because: A). It’s illegal due to it’s Schedule 1 drug classification (bull shit if you ask me — all in the name of money’s sake; it’s really Archaeic thinking); or B). Individuals fear it’s use out of a lack of true information.

It’s funny how ignorant I was; or am.

I once wrote a poem about “Never Saying Never” — as a kid I’d naively said I wasn’t going to drink until I was 21; I’d NEVER smoke weed; and the list went on.

But here I am at 27 years young and a completely different person. There’s a circular pattern taking me for a ride. I’m no longer the person who trained for hours on end to step onto the mat. There are conditions that come with everything and back then it took more than a simple effort directed toward the sport — I lived it.

Meaning I wasn’t going to mess with weed while I was wrestling — the devils lettuce was for stoners, dopers, and societal trash. Not for me.

Today that might be different. I might’ve taken a small dose before training if it we’re legal and I would’ve known about it — I wrestle best when relaxed and in tune; micro-dosing before a workout always helps me silence the noise outside to focus more clearly on the task at hand.

But that was then and this is now.

I just got back from the first Nice Guys appreciation party which was hosted in Sausalito, CA. My friend recently opened a Cannabis delivery service in the Bay area and tonight was their first event.

I was helping grow the Nice Guys Instagram and social presence for a few months, but really don’t do much at this point. I think it’s funny though, how I went from a super conservative do-gooder, to an active partaker in the Cannabis industry.

I went from wanting to wear a suite and tie everyday to living in a van and showering at the gym. Not due to ill-fortune but because it’s what felt right for me — especially when trying to build my legacy from the ground up. I love bootstrapping — no matter the domain.

This morning arrived at 4AM when my alarm began to sound — I was on my feet and out the door within ten minutes. Im working two jobs and today’s one of my longer days.

I opened the coffee cart at 5AM and worked until 10:30 before taking a little break and heading into work at the fruitstand, down the road at 1:30PM. It was a slow day at the stand as the fog left us overshadowed; a Misty cool air circled through the valley I tend to keep.

One of Tamalpais Valley’s local long time residents called me “the Valleys keeper” because I’m the first one up in the morning, and work in two little mom and pop shops on the edge of town — tucked away off Pacific Coastal Highway One; the road I’d dreamed of seeing my entire life.

I feel lucky to live the life I have. I worked a long day — beginning before the sun and ending at 7PM when the last lock was latched at Ceceilia’s Gardens; but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I’ve created a real life MBA while saving money to travel the globe and live the life I know I’m capable of living. I’m turning my passions into profits by continuing down the path uniquely paved by me — there are no two ways to accomplish one goal.

Please, don’t fall into the trap thinking we are all the same. It sounds cliche but most of our actions as a collective whole represent a life trailing these beliefs. Do your actions back your beliefs, or is it time to reassess what you believe and why you believe it?

Life can be enjoyable. If you’re not in a state of enjoyment I urge you to raise your inward standards to attract the blessings freely flowing.

I guess I’ll get back to serving liquid energy. I’m typing this on my phone from behind the counter of Coyote Coffee. I wanted to publish this yesterday but my time ran short.

Today I’m walking a dog after the coffee cart and before the fruitstand — I work a lot of odd jobs to accelerate my income. I’m not wired for a cubicle — I’m in my element and building my legacy. I’ll keep hustling and hustling until I reach my goal of traveling the globe financially fit.

Thanks for joining me for another outpour of my inward thoughts — if anything resonated or you may have laughed, please give it a clap 👏👏👏 clapping helps spread my words with a wider audience.

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