Rijksmuseum — Amsterdam, NL

I subscribe to an e-mail newsletter from the founder of The Next Web — Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten — and besides it being regularly full of interesting points and a quick round-up of links to informative articles, he sometimes has a real gem that I add to my list of things to try. In his latest newsletter, sent today, he had this pearl:

Last week I visited the Rijksmuseum and someone who worked there told me to take the kids tour instead of the grown-ups tour. The kids’ tour is better because the tour guides don’t try to impress you with their superior knowledge, but simply try to tell an entertaining and educational story. You don’t have to stand there and pretend you know about art history — you can simply enjoy what they have to tell.

I visited the Rijksmuseum, the national art museum of The Netherlands, in Amsterdam about a decade ago and, despite being back to Amsterdam several times, have not had the opportunity to re-visit. But I regularly go to all sorts of museums in the many places I visit and have never thought to try this.

Next time I plan to take the kid’s tour — maybe I’ll learn something by looking at things with a different perspective. I encourage you to do the same. When you do, write me and let me know how it was — we can compare notes.

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