4 Trends to Look Forward in Blockchain Finance

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Throughout the day, people perform many transactions without actually knowing how these movements are processed and carried out. Centralized entities, unlike Blockchain and finance present environments, have been in charge of creating a system in which the only alternative is to trust them blindlessly, so much so that we now rely on third parties for previously unthinkable issues such as buying plane tickets on search engines and platforms. Nowadays, we transfer funds through electronic banking and specialized applications, sending critical business records through email or sharing transactional information with friends through social media.

This relationship is so normalized that we do not even question its reliability, but these operations are subject to a range of conditions. Are these intermediaries always safe and reliable? Is it necessary to provide all of this data to third parties? Is it possible to do these transactions without them? The Blockchain and finance worlds, together, aim to eliminate these third parties from the equation.

From Alternative to Main Factor

The Blockchain and finance digital environments continue to expand and strengthen, which has presented a resource that needs to be exploited. We are used to the fluctuation and inequality caused by different economic areas and the geographical position in the world. Initiatives like app are being released, where the most important thing is not only the value that we give to each currency (or token). Additionally, decentralized networks are a vanguard starting point where the users who dive into the platform will also gain tokens from it, they can later utilize their wallets for tangible purchases or start different type of innovative projects because of the prior digital funds

Users achieve endless possibilities because of this extension of the social and economic phenomenon. Decentralized systems fuses into user-friendly interfaces, ready to be used for both Crypto and fiat purposes.


The reality behind traditional cash is to mean contraption that tries to give an answer to specific obstacles in everyday life while trading. Then, it goes to “transform” into products and services. Tokens in the digital environment have a much more malleable nature.

Different companies on the Internet offer windows into giving and spending without a valuable reward or with limitations attributed to its merkle tree character as a centralized entity. The value of time, technological extensions, your businesses and your initiatives have never been rewarded — that until now.

Blockchain and finance world is a much more transparent system than conventional since the very first approach, created for real life and business optimization. From users to investors and marketers, in consumer driven commerce all can receive malleable capital injections in liquid currency, offering total command of their resources without restrictions like with traditional buying or its trading regulations through fiat money, with the process being immediate.

In the extensive range represented by different ICOs, more modern alternatives for the verifiable distributed ledger are not planned to be only a token economy, but to improve and upgrade consistently into different outlines.

Currency Exchange & Liquidity

Within one of the most appealing traits surrounding the digital wallets through tokens and coins in Blockchain Technology, users have the possibility of trading one several currencies into another (NEO, ETH, BTC, LTC, and the list goes on and on). Having access to a large variety of pools of liquidity all over the network in different places is possible. Decentralized distributed network are promising to erase the use of external centralized agents, banking advisors and even stocks on the market that take away the peer-to-peer character; this one is a natural component of blockchain technology.


ICOs and other platforms have been built as powerful systems with user-controlled privacy functions, keeping identities anonymous. However, they remain reliable records because of the settled information located in computers all over the world; users gain complete freedom and control over their businesses data. People have the right to determine who receives their personal information, and for what purpose. For example, will offer compliance with privacy and regulation guarantees of sustainability and integration with the official sectors. When necessary, is vital to operate within international standards to prevent money laundering and terrorism.

Society as we know it continues to diversify towards cryptographic algorithm technology; in matter and methods within its business and economic system, where it seeks for the benefits to be mutual and the information to be handled first. Then, followed by those who provide it, this alternative has come at the right moment.

Modern Finance Chain

A smart contract platform with direct commerce integration.

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